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  1. DeviousQuail

    Tell Me About the Cypher System

    I rated it as pretty good originally and I stick by that answer. I particularly enjoyed how fast it played at the table, the ease of using it in different settings, and the freedom it gave me to use and augment existing rules. The critical rules in particular are something I like to port over to...
  2. DeviousQuail

    D&D General D&D Class Test- Which character class suits you?

    I would have guessed Warlock and Sorcerer would be low for me, but 15% for Sorcerer is really low. Perhaps I should play a Monkadin in the future?
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    Screenshot 2024-04-23 083049.png

  4. DeviousQuail

    D&D General What Classes Would You Add to D&D?

    There are some classes from other games that I really like, but don't have a definite home in 5e right now. From Guild Wars: Ritualist, paragon, and dervish. Ritualist is closer to a druid or cleric than anything with a heavy focus on channeling spirits. Paragon can probably be a subclass of...
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  6. DeviousQuail

    D&D 5E Brainstorm Sorcerer upgrades. (+)

    Shh! Don't tell everyone where I took my inspiration from.
  7. DeviousQuail

    D&D 5E Brainstorm Sorcerer upgrades. (+)

    Lots of cool ideas in this thread. I've added a few to my attempt at a sorcerer upgrade. Base Class Changes (stole some ideas from the thread): Remove Sorcery Points, Font of Magic, and Sorcerous Restoration: Don't need them anymore. Metamagic: Split it into two groups; those that are...
  8. DeviousQuail

    D&D General D&D memes thread discussion…

    Since I just flooded @Orius with notifications of me liking their memes I figure one more saying thanks won't hurt.
  9. DeviousQuail

    D&D 5E With Only 4 Ability Scores, How Would You Handle Spellcasting Abilities (+)

    My homebrew game uses Might, Reflex, Mind, and Will already so I'll use them here. Might and Reflex don't really lend themselves too well to casting magic. I see them more as secondary boosts to magic. For instance, a Bigby's Hand spell could add your Might to the damage it deals. Mind and...
  10. DeviousQuail

    D&D General Druid vs. Paladin - March Madness 2024 - Final Round!

    I wanted Druid, but Paladin is a worthy winner.
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  12. DeviousQuail

    D&D 5E Great scores weak subclass; strong subclass so-so scores

    Really high stats can paper over anything. If my DM said I can play as the weakest subclass/race combo, but start with all 20s vs. an optimal subclass/race combo with standard point buy I would take the former. It's not even a question for me until you get down to all 16s. No matter what you're...
  13. DeviousQuail

    D&D General What are the “boring bits” to you?

    Measuring out distance. I appreciate that positioning affects combat, but the 5ft square makes it boring. "How far is it to this door? 5, 10, 15, ..." Yawn "Am I close enough to counterspell? 60 feet is 12 squares. 1, 2, 3, ..." Snooze "It's 25 feet to the ladder and a 15 foot climb to the...
  14. DeviousQuail

    What Mechanics or Systems Do You NEED?

    If a game has more than one gameplay loop or aspect then I need it to balance my options that affect those pieces of the game. If a game is 50% pterodactyl racing and 50% hosting pool parties then I don't want my choices of specialization to be Handling, Evasion, Speed, Blocking, and Hosting...
  15. DeviousQuail

    D&D 5E [+] The Alchemist, An Alternative To The Thirteenth Class

    Field, dominion, demesne, study, sphere, or philosophy are my ideas for the subclass name replacement. I prefer field or philosophy personally. But I guess that all depends on how much you want to draw from real life alchemical practices vs modern-ish media interpretations. What I didn't like...
  16. DeviousQuail

    What if you threw a baseball at nearly light speed?

    You nailed it. https://bigthink.com/hard-science/heres-the-damage-a-tiny-speck-of-space-debris-can-do-at-15000mph/ This is what you get at just 15000k mph with something much smaller than a baseball.
  17. DeviousQuail

    Level Up (A5E) Can you use a bonus action when surprised?

    There was a Dimension 20 episode where the GM interpreted this incorrectly and I looked it up to make sure I wasn't going crazy. It's been emblazoned in my brain ever since.
  18. DeviousQuail

    Level Up (A5E) Can you use a bonus action when surprised?

    In the 5e PHB under Bonus Actions in chapter 9 (pg 189) it says "You choose when to take a bonus action during your turn, unless the bonus action's timing is specified, and anything that deprives you of your ability to take actions also prevents you from taking a bonus action." I wasn't able to...
  19. DeviousQuail

    Podcast #285:The Pros and Cons of Metacurrency

    I used to be anti-metacurrency in all forms. More often than not I didn't think the implementation was necessary to the game. Other times it felt like there was a best way to use it and any other option wasn't worth it. I've recently found an exception with Darkness Points in Coriolus: The Third...