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  1. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Looking For Help With A Riddle/Puzzle.

    I do have clues that involve the fountains, I didn't want them to have to spend an entire session on it lol. I want a riddle at the base of the one statue without their hands out telling them what order to put them in, which I did state in the initial post lol. The fountains flow with a liquid...
  2. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Looking For Help With A Riddle/Puzzle.

    Hello! So, I am trying to come up with a few puzzles for my party when they eventually get to the hedge maze in Tyranny of Dragons. I have a premise for one, like the layout of the room and what I want to happen, but I can't quite get how to accomplish this. Pretty much I have a section or...
  3. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Short And Longbow Homebrew

    I...don't know if it could to be fair, never thought that far really. I mean I guess, it doesn't take much to load one so maybe it could. Though, I have never had the opportunity to fire a bow, so maybe there is more of a process? I wouldn't say that I want it to just be like the DEX based ones...
  4. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Short And Longbow Homebrew

    Yes, it should, sorry, I will add it. Also, I added the STR bonus I did because well the lowest required STR that is needed for heavy armor is 13, the highest being 15, I figured that something in the middle to reward for that type of STR would be a bow that has a requirement of 14. Again, it's...
  5. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Short And Longbow Homebrew

    So, I looked more into the 3.5 composite bow, and somewhere in my searching I found a picture of them and then found some information (again this was all after a long shift and my brain wouldn't let me sleep, so I'm sorry I do not have the info of where I found it all on hand) My goal here was...
  6. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Short And Longbow Homebrew

    Hello Not sure what to really label this, so I'm putting this under 5e as it pertains to it. So, a few hours ago I was thinking of adding these to 5e as they are something fond from my childhood. After getting a bit more info form some lovely people here, I have finally come up with a...
  7. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Long And Shortbow Conversion?

    Well, I was wanting to give STR-based characters something to use ranged outside of just javelins and lances, but I didn't want to really just take the bow and add finesse to it because I feel it would be taking away from the DEX-based classes. I like the idea of adding finesse, not saying it's...
  8. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D 5E Composite Long And Shortbow Conversion?

    Hello! So, I wanted to add the Composite Longbow and the Composite Shortbow to my games, but I'm finding it a little difficult to convert it over from when I use to play until now. While looking around, I found that the last edition to have it was 3.5, but I don't have the books for it. There...
  9. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    Worlds of Design: The Problem with Magimarts

    I don't have a magic item mart in the sense that players can go and just buy whatever they want, but there is usually one person in a city that would know more about magic items than others. If the local weapon shop ends up in possession of like a +1 or +2 somehow, usually they take it to the...
  10. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General One thing I hate about the Sorcerer

    This is why I wish they would have just stuck with MU instead of trying to split it up. They tried to split up the MU into three different things, and messed it up completely. Wizard, Sorcerer, and Warlock use to just be level names, indicating what level you were. Warlock meant you were level...
  11. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General Maps, Maps, Maps! Dungeons, Ruins, Caverns, Temples, and more... aka Where Dyson Dumps His Maps.

    Wow! These look AMAZING! I love the look of this style of map, always beings back fond memories from my childhood lol.
  12. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General If faith in yourself is enough to get power, do we need Wizards and Warlocks etc?

    With evidence of Gods being being in DnD, I have a homerule for 5E that Paladins and Druids NEED to have a god in order to have their powers. To me, it doesn't make sense to me otherwise. As far as I know Clerics still need a God to function in 5E, so the homerule applies to just the Paladin and...
  13. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D (2024) Deborah Ann Woll and Matt Mercer consulted on the 2024 DMG.

    DnD has always been about both player and DM imagination, if there wasn't something on the topic in the rules book, it was encouraged to make a choice and go with it; that how home rules are born. More and more WoTC is trying to make rules for everything and account for every single situation...
  14. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General Is WotC's 5E D&D easy? Trust me this isn't what you think... maybe

    In my opinion, the modules are poorly written these days and are rather easy to just blow through. The modules from back in the day were paperback and at most a total of 24 pages. In those pages they had all the important information you needed to either run the module as it was, or expand on...
  15. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General What goes in your DM binder?

    Yeah, name generators seem good, but they just don't seem to give me what I'm looking for. What I might do is make a list of names that I can both use and alter if I need to. I feel I would be able to come up with a name easier than having to constantly click through generators and still get...
  16. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General What goes in your DM binder?

    I actually like the idea of having a crafted name list. I tend to use a lot of names, and honestly I find it takes a lot longer to sift through the digital spaces for names. If I had a curated list that I could use and just sift through, it might make things easier. Sometimes too many choices...
  17. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D General What goes in your DM binder?

    In my binder, I have: Notes City and town layouts and info History leaflets NPC descriptions with names Store and locations names Master stock lists with base prices of things Handouts that I need to give to players Item cards General module layout to easily be able to branch out from if need...
  18. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    WotC New D&D survey from WotC as part of the 50th anniversary year.

    I took the survey, it was two pages with the exact same questions, just with "DnD" and "Wizards of The Coast" switched. It was a rather brief and....mechanical survey, if that makes any sense. It felt like they put it out purely did it just to do it and was rather uninterested in any actual result.
  19. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    D&D (2024) No Dwarf, Halfling, and Orc suborgins, lineages, and legacies

    I do wish that races and subraces would go back to strengths and weaknesses like they use to have, it made playing those races fun and bred creativity for players to build off of on top of everything else. Sadly they are taking out a lot of things like that, including gold dwarf, mountain dwarf...
  20. O-Castitatis-Lilium

    TSR The Making and Breaking of Deities & Demigods

    I might save up and get my dad. I could have swore he had it, but it might have been my uncles (when each of them have a set of books with different people owning slightly different ones, my kid mind has blended together who owns what LOL!) It seems like an amazing book to have and a great piece...