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  1. Odysseus

    D&D General Tell me about your crime campaigns.

    I tried this, and it ended up as one of my players favorite campaigns. Plots. Gang war. The party literally took a wrong turn half way through the campaign, got captured, and ended up running a war against the gang who captured them. Home base. I started with a plot to get them a base of...
  2. Odysseus

    D&D General How Do You Feel About Randomness?

    As a DM , a few years back when I asked for feedback, I noticed the players liked random stuff over some of the planned stuff I was doing. And since then I have embraced random , and not regretted it. Random encounters,not whether there is an encounter, but what the encounter is, I will make...
  3. Odysseus

    D&D General Where do New DMs Go for Help Online?

    When I was a new DM. ENworld was my first choice. More recently its been Mike Shea, and Matt Colville. Or any where the search engine leads me.
  4. Odysseus

    D&D 5E The Minimum* to Keep 5E at a Low Power Level?

    How about running CoS with Shadowdark instead of 5E
  5. Odysseus

    D&D 5E A monster stat block should always fit on one side of one page maximum (a poll)

    My standard is that I would like stat blocks to fit on the back of a playing card.
  6. Odysseus

    D&D General How would you redo 4e?

    The house rules that made 4E much better for us were. 1. Everything stacked. This made everything easier, you just had to be careful about allowing to many bonuses. 2. Changing DC 10 saves, to DC 12 ability checks(no level adjustment). For instance Domination went from DC 10 to a DC 12 charisma...
  7. Odysseus

    ZEITGEIST Need help / advice about Zeitgeist 4e version

    I Dm'd a Zeitgeist campaign. And it was the best game I ever ran! However I did heavily houserule 4E, as it has problems. I would suggest run it as 5E but reconvert the 4E monsters. As the 5E version seems to lose alot of the flavor especially the main characters.
  8. Odysseus

    D&D General Running a 4e-ish campaign for 5e

    I found just using 4E converted monsters gave the game a noticeable change. The first time I tried it,the players commented on how much more dynamic the monsters were, without knowing what I was doing.
  9. Odysseus

    D&D 4E Explain the Warlord

    I had one player that loved the Warlord class. And would play nothing else. With 5E he plays Clerics. And we had no problems with the class. Generally he needed a striker , to grant attacks to. But most players liked Strikers, so that wasn't a problem.We played a couple of 1 to 30 level...
  10. Odysseus

    D&D General How many books/authors of the original AD&D Bibliography have you read? Do you feel you see D&D differently than people who have not read any?

    1. I've read one or more from 23 of the 29 Authors. 2. I'll say yes. I do believe you can see where the game from , inside these books.
  11. Odysseus

    D&D 5E Will items Break 5E?

    Attunement keeps most things in check. The only thing I noticed the higher level you go the more i had to use higher CR monsters to challenge the players. For example when the party was at 10th level, instead of using a CR 10 monster I was having to use a CR 15.
  12. Odysseus

    D&D 5E List the character types and level of your current 5E games

    Thysson Saffol Half elf sorcerer/fighter 7th Medic Cleric 7th Arboricola Dwarf Fighter 7th Corwyn Human Druid/Cleric 7th Mogareth Dragonborn Fighter rogue 7th
  13. Odysseus

    RPG Evolution: Solving the Gnome Problem

    I've had success with Gnome Gangsters/Triad as NPCs. But its been a while since i've had any player consider playing any sort of gnome or halfling.
  14. Odysseus

    D&D 5E Favorite 3rd Party Campaign

    I'm currently running Rise of the Drow. Which I would describe as good, but needs a lot of work in places. There is Zeitgeist , which was awesome. However I ran it with 4E. And I'm not sure how the 5E version is. I have heard very good things about Empire of the Ghouls.
  15. Odysseus

    D&D General Looking for a campaign idea

    that sounds like a pretty good idea as well
  16. Odysseus

    D&D General Looking for a campaign idea

    I like the sound of fleeing conscription
  17. Odysseus

    D&D General Looking for a campaign idea

    No , apart from it being DnD. I was thinking of something a little more modern than medieval( zeitgeist setting maybe) but i'm open to ideas, at this stage.
  18. Odysseus

    D&D General Looking for a campaign idea

    I'm looking for an idea or inspiration for a campaign. One of my players mentioned wanting to have some sort of theme for the party. Previously i've done this with an all L/G party, all Dwarf , all murder hobos, having the party be part of the police force. I don't really want to have an all...
  19. Odysseus

    D&D General High Level One Shot Ideas?

    Try fires of Iskh 20th level, or gate of the lens wizard 15th, both at www.thearcanelibrary.com
  20. Odysseus

    D&D 5E Perma-Death At Your Table: How Possible Is It?

    About one PC per campaign. Usually around first to third level. Although we did have one TPK at 12th level..