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    Kickstarter Dungeon furniture kickstarter from Zealot miniatures.

    The kickstarter is now up and running. It funded in 58 minutes and have a long list of stretch goals. Core pledges range from £38 to £138 with possibilities to add more via addons. The gold bag system means it's a very customisable kickstarter project...pick and mix.
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    Kickstarter Dungeon furniture kickstarter from Zealot miniatures.

    Inspired by the furniture of hero quest and for all round dressing up your dungeons, loads of cool scenery is planned for this kickstarter. Fairly low prices have been promised :) Planned to start the 30th of September. Check out the already rendered models at...
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    D&D 5E Beastmaster's animal companion: can it survive for 2 rounds?

    Two minor nitpick: The wolfs save is 15 as it adds rangers prof mod. The NPC 9HD mages save is only 14, so the 5HD version is more likely to have DC 13. Rest are valid points however :)
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    D&D 5E Beastmaster's animal companion: can it survive for 2 rounds?

    It's fine. I (probably naively so) assume that the classes are fairly balanced in hthe fact that martial characters can use their features more regularly where as casters are more resource based. I did find it interesting, and I guess it's a tangent, that you see subclass features as above...
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    D&D 5E Beastmaster's animal companion: can it survive for 2 rounds?

    Everyone else but Juriel: take my warning or leave it as you see fit :) juriel, relax man....
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    D&D 5E Beastmaster's animal companion: can it survive for 2 rounds?

    Circle of the moon is a subclass that you can take on top of regular shapeshifting, so it carries the extra subclass cost. Read the first line of my post before ranting though: "I saw someone mentioning increasing the CR of beasts available" so please beware before you homebrew the ACo better...
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    D&D 5E Magic Item design?

    I hope for a separation between +x and magical effects. I found It annoying in 3rd and fourth that all weapons were +hit/dam and THEN something else. A fire sword that is not better at hitting would be fine and not break any bounded accuracy. Similarly it would make +X weapons more special if...
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    D&D 5E Beastmaster's animal companion: can it survive for 2 rounds?

    Just chirping in here as I saw someone mention increasing the CR of beasts available. Compared with a Druids wildshape (one of the main features of that class) that adds many restrictions and does not add proffeciency bonuses to the animal they become...the rangers beast is actually not that bad...
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    N.E.W. PLaytest Document (August 2014)

    Saying that though, this layout and arangment of the chapters make a lot more sense than previous versions of the document. i don't have much more feedback than that as I haven't spotted any major changes. The solar system generation that you've already posted here on the forum seems very handy.
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    Art previews

    ... ... ... :eek: WOW!
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    Ramming and boarding.

    Ramming is briefly mentioned as an action in combat: agi vs defense, explode in process. This makes loads of sense with a fighter type craft ramming a hulk. I would love some rules regarding a hulk type ship ramming smaller ships, or ships ramming "to board" and even some stuff on an actual...
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    Solar System Generation

    Don't have much to say but, nice work :)
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    non-bipedal aliens

    I tried my hands on making some bioships using the starship manufacturing rule set, and had to conclude that it made more sense to just give them arbitrary stats like agility hit points and speed rather than to actually generate them. For the weapons I just renamed some of the impact weapons.
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    N.E.W. Playtest Document [July 2014]

    In that case I guess the "error" is that the racial exploit wasn't written on the character sheet, and they was the reason there was something I missed ;) That raises a good point, are there enough lines for exploits on the sheet? Most of the iconic starting characters have filled it out...
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    N.E.W. Playtest Document [July 2014]

    Well, I'm in the dramatic camp...if you have agi 10 you deserve to be ninja.
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    N.E.W. Playtest Document [July 2014]

    What am I missing here Agility times two equals horizontal distance, divide by five for squares. 10x2=20, /5= 4 squares. which is still a very very long jump without having to roll for it ;) good for dramatic games but less so for realistic seekers.
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    N.E.W. Character Sheet [July 2014 Playtest]

    I haven't been able to give feedback on this as I do the majority of my geeking from an iPad...and they suck at PDFs. Formfillable, forget it :p Tested this quickly on my PC now. It works brilliant and the autofills are great. The Automatic Font size does not work in the Exploits, Psinoc...
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    Names for stats.

    ​I can understand the want for keeping sci if words out of the fantasy book and vice versa...there's logic in that :p but actually logic for me is far older a concept that lore. I connect the word logic with the Greeks (not sure if I'm correct) and therefor think it's still very suitable for...
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    N.E.W. Playtest Document [July 2014]

    Young - add x dice to luck pool Adult - add X die to tech pool venerable - add X die to rep pool would circumvent the extra pool problem, but would not be ideal far from everyone has tech. also it's again a bit cold and impersonal.
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    N.E.W. Playtest Document [July 2014]

    I think the current ones seems very generic and impersonal somehow. Maybe it's the lack of choice like the May edition had? I would probably mirror them on the low atribute system, with a negative descriptor but 1 or more positive effects. Young: - Street urchin: You are ill suited for polite...