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  1. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E What are the options for living without DDI?

    Masterplan: http://masterplan.habitualindolence.net/ Compendium Import: http://compendiumimport.codeplex.com/ Install Masterplan (unzip it somewhere). In the Masterplan folder, create a folder named AddIns. Put the Compendium Import DLLs in the AddIns folder. Run Masterplan. Go to TOOLS >...
  2. The Little Raven

    D&D 5E What would you like to see added to 5E before it's published?

    A change from the overly verbose "natural language" to something more simple and strongly codified. And more rigorous design, since I've been extremely unimpressed with what they've shown us in the playtest packets.
  3. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E What are the options for living without DDI?

    As mentioned, there's CBLoader for the Character Builder. It has been updated to date, with the last one coming earlier this month. There's also an offline Compendium that uses XAMPP to run a local version, which can use a DDI account to scrape new content (last update to the DDI Compendium was...
  4. The Little Raven

    D&D 5E Kender are a core race?

    You put a space between a word and an ending quotation mark! DON'T THEY TEACH PROPER GRAMMAR IN VAN NUYS?! :) Anyway, she's right. The last official kender writeup was basically "steal everyone's stuff, blurt out their secrets, cry like a child when you get called on your crap (because...
  5. The Little Raven

    The elf ear-itation.

    When I was 12, I asked my DM about it and he pointed out that low birth rates (few elves are depicted as having more than 2 children and you need to have more than 2 children per couple for population to grow) would make elven society very risk adverse, since losing people can drive the birth...
  6. The Little Raven

    So about those "electronic" titles we were promised.

    The incident that made WotC stop selling PDFs was a case of crappy pirates being crappy at piracy. The day PHB2 was released, copies of it appeared on torrents... complete with all of the watermarks and security information showing that it came from DriveThruRPG and who the buyers (and original...
  7. The Little Raven

    Davek Script Download

  8. The Little Raven

    Emerald Spire Superdungeon: Mona, Baur, Mentzer, Jacobs, Greenwood, Rein•Hagen, Etc.

    *spits out his drink* Holy crap! I might pledge just for the novelty of getting a book with Rein*Hagen's name on it for the first time in like 20 years.
  9. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E The Twelve Days of Th4enksgiving

    The Fighter aka the motherfrakking gold standard of Defenders. 'nuff said.
  10. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E 4eMetro

    Great responses! You're the man! How about bolding or a larger font for them as a stop-gap measure until you figure out the color-coding's feasibility? My eyes just kept passing over it since it just felt like a normal part of the static character stats. I should have thought of that. That'd...
  11. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E 4eMetro

    Okay, I've had some time to put it through its paces, and here's some feedback mixed with some feature requests. Also note that this list was going to be twice as long, but your last two updates fixed and upgraded a lot of stuff. CONDITIONS/EFFECTS I think the place you put this makes it...
  12. The Little Raven

    Pathfinder 1E How to deal with high AC PCs

    Plenty of monsters have spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities that target saves. Using them while still using AC-targeting monsters against my allies isn't really that difficult. It's the DM's job to figure out how to challenge the characters, not the player. If his solution is "You...
  13. The Little Raven

    Pathfinder 1E How to deal with high AC PCs

    No, I didn't break the game. I made ONE defense (out of FOUR) impossible for him to hit using perfectly legal game elements he allowed. He broke the game by not using his brain and thinking "Wow, he's got a weak Will, Reflex, and Fortitude. Which of those three should I attack, instead of...
  14. The Little Raven

    Pathfinder 1E How to deal with high AC PCs

    Use attacks that don't target AC. I had a DM who threw a fit because I built a 3.5 character that could not be hit on anything but a natural 20 by every monster, and instead of adapting, he demanded I change characters because he "can't handle it" and then canceled the campaign when the other...
  15. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E Hi and D&D 4e

    Short Round is a Lazy Warlord that uses Shrug It Off on Indy when he's dominated. True story.
  16. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E 4eMetro

    I'm hoping this, too. I've got Win8 for my laptop, and will be probably getting a Win8RT tablet in the next few months, and I've got my WP8 upgrade coming (whenever the Lumia 920 gets released).
  17. The Little Raven

    D&D 4E 4eMetro

    My copy of Windows 8 should be arriving today, so I'll probably be testing this app out over the weekend. I'll provide you with some feedback when I do. Looks pretty good so far.
  18. The Little Raven

    Nentir Vale Map - Pete Fenlon Style

    Nicely done, sir! I really like the fact that it's the same location, but not just the same exact map with a new paint job on top. I wish I had a smidgen of your CC talent. Keep it up!
  19. The Little Raven

    D&D 5E Wights and wraiths

    I'd prefer they make ED an effect like 4e's Disease system. You fight a wraith that gets its claws into you and you suffer from energy drain after the encounter. It can get worse or better, depending on your access to healing magic, being tough, and the like, but it isn't just a "screw the...