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    D&D 5E What class fills the tank role best? Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric or Paladin?

    There are several rules that make the monsters attack a specific target or else they suffer serious penalties such as disadvantage on attack. Xandathar Barbarian has one such subclass.
  2. J

    D&D 5E [5E] Building a Level 20 Jedi

    Droids are called Clockwork creatures in Dnd so it might be attainable if the DM allows.
  3. J

    Captain America

    So I thought about using a large Chakram as a monk weapon in place of a shield on him. It takes my AC down 2 until level 6 due to holding a monk weapon in my hand while still using unarmed strikes. And I still retain all other benefits. Caps shield will just have a big hole in it.
  4. J

    I need ideas for a character.

    I am playing Moon Knight. If you don't know who this guy is he is a Marvel superhero with multiple personality disorder. I literally have 4 different character sheets and depending on what I roll on a D100 determines which of them is in control of the body for the day. The 4 characters are aware...
  5. J

    Captain America

    I Knew that the Unarmored Defense did not stack and planned on doing just as you stated but i missed the second part.. Ok I guess its back to the drawing board for Cap.
  6. J

    Captain America

    I was messing around with a build last night and I wanted to get some opinions on it. Captain American - Goliath Monk 11 (Open Hand) / Barbarian 9 (Ancestral Guardian) By my math this guy could have up to 276HP at an 17AC (10+Dex+Con+Shield) and a 60ft base movement while the shield is...
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    D&D 5E What Class Would Marvel Characters Have in D&D?

    I've been playing a few of these over the past year and have found some success and tweeks to the norm. Thor - Goliath Fighter 7 (Battlemaster) with a Dwarven Thrower. He was doing 2d10 +10 +Superiority dice per attack by level 7. I averaged 40 to 50 damage per round. IronFist - I am...
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    One on One Character building with DM

    I did this with my group about 7 years ago. I had been friends with the guys in the group for several years before the campaign and I could anticipate their actions with made it even better. I played them solo until level 3 and then they started to run into each other in various ways. This was...