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  1. Valador

    D&D 5E Gods and Goddesses - 5e supplement Kickstarter

    Saw this on my Facebook wall and thought I'd share since I love to support these types of things. Sorry for the poor editing, I'm on my phone... so I'll just c&p it below. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782735675/gods-and-goddesses-a-5th-edition-supplement?ref=3mz89o Jetpack7 /...
  2. Valador

    D&D 5E Best 5e YouTubers

    That may be the case, but I don't really follow the forums that actively to notice I suppose. I maybe glance at the forums once a week or so simply because there's nothing for me to really talk about here most of the time. I usually listen to YouTube videos while driving back and forth to work...
  3. Valador

    D&D 5E Best 5e YouTubers

    I enjoy Nerdarchy quite a bit. https://www.youtube.com/user/Nerdarchy
  4. Valador

    D&D 5E Build for players, or build natural?

    I generally zone out my world I'm running and present the players with different things they can pursue, sandbox style. There may be rumors of a dragon hoard or a long lost artifact guarded by the undead, etc. and then let them decide what they want to pursue. If they decide to try and bite...
  5. Valador

    D&D 5E Reactions

    For clarification purposes... verb (used with object), dodged, dodging. 1. to elude or evade by a sudden shift of position or by strategy: to dodge a blow; to dodge a question. verb (used without object), dodged, dodging. 3. to move aside or change position suddenly, as to avoid a blow...
  6. Valador

    D&D 5E Reactions

    The way I see it, as I've said before, UD takes place after the attack roll but before the attack damage. I'm by no means a genius so I try to rely on what seems to me like common sense understanding. Key word in Uncanny Dodge is dodge... You cannot "dodge" a hit after the damage is already...
  7. Valador

    D&D 5E Reactions

    IMO Uncanny Dodge applies before the Shocking Grasp affect takes hold. My visual interpretation... An electrically charged hand (SG) is about to touch you, you attempt to avoid being hit in a critical area (UD). The attack still manages to hit you but you don't take the full damage because you...
  8. Valador

    D&D 5E May the odds be ever in your favor (my grimtooth book arrived!!)

    Totally worth it. Will never run out of traps for the rest of my life.
  9. Valador

    D&D 5E May the odds be ever in your favor (my grimtooth book arrived!!)

    Sorry, but I'm really excited that my Grimtooth trap collection arrived today after waiting probably over a year from the Kickstarter to now. Time to kill some PCs. :angel: /endgirlishsqueels
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  12. Valador

    D&D 5E Do You Allow/Use Third Party Material?

    I use 3rd party monster books and adventures. No classes or races, at least not yet.
  13. Valador

    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    Not gonna dig through all the posts but it seems that the OP really just wants to play a video game. If dice are too random for you, you may be playing the wrong game. WOW may be a better alternative. You can twink your heart out.
  14. Valador

    D&D 5E Monster infomation in combat - free action ?

    Unless it's something common or something they've fought before, I don't name any creatures to the characters but will provide a detailed physical description and perhaps show them an image of what they're fighting. I will describe things that the characters may notice and then leave it to them...
  15. Valador

    D&D 5E Is Strahd hard to defeat?

    I haven't played the adventure yet, but I looked his block over and I saw tons of things Strahd can exploit and do to make the parties life a living hell in an encounter, if not played like a run of the mill mindless monster...
  16. Valador

    D&D 5E Where are the options?

    I WISH I had the amount of free time to play D&D to where I would run out of options... Seems like you'd get to play D&D all day, every day for that to happen... I'm glad there's not a lot of splat books. Splat books cater to whiners and entitled children who cry the loudest out of the fans...
  17. Valador

    D&D 5E Please delete :-)

    Damn, beat me to it. Sorry. :-)
  18. Valador

    D&D 5E Allowing Strength for Bows--unbalanced?

    I'd be fine removing DEX from ranged damage, as it makes no sense... at all.
  19. Valador

    D&D 5E Cell Phone and Electronic Etiquette at your 5e Table

    If I'm a player only, the only time I use my phone is if there's an emergency I need to deal with or if the game pauses so the DM can look up a rule in which case I use my phone to search my PDF copies of the books to find said rules. As a DM, same situation except I use my laptop that I keep...
  20. Valador

    D&D 5E We need a Monster Manual II

    I've enjoyed my copy of Fifth Edition Foes and I'm really looking forward to my Tome of Beasts to arrive.