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  1. emssmiley2002

    Pathfinder 2E Kingmaker Preorders Open

    Yep that is a ridiculous price.
  2. emssmiley2002

    Worlds of Design: The Ways of War

    Oh, conventional vs. un-conventional, I got it.
  3. emssmiley2002

    D&D Movie/TV D&D TV Show By John Wick Creator

    As long as Archer and Lana's cartoon characters are in it. RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. emssmiley2002

    D&D Movie/TV D&D TV Show By John Wick Creator

    Also would be great to have Will Smith as the lead, Joel Edgerton as a supporting actor to Will. Either John Rhys-Davis or Lee Aranburg. I have a hard time deciding, since they are so good at playing Dwarf's. Ehh, oh well that's why we hold auditions. Lets see what else, oh yeah, Noomi Rapace as...
  5. emssmiley2002

    [VOTING IS OVER!] Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!

    Ha, I knew Twilight would be number 1
  6. emssmiley2002

    Spectacular Settlements Bring Dungeons & Dragons Home For The Holidays

    I got in on the KS and so far this one has been the one im most impressed with. The KenzerCo Aces & Eights redux was a major disappointment and the FL Twilight 2000 and the release of their Alpha ruleset, Lets just say Im glad its the Alpha. Let me know when you post your video, Im interested in...
  7. emssmiley2002

    Pre-order the Colonial Marines Operations Manual for the ALIEN RPG

    I did, and Im still doing that in Pathfinder2:giggle:
  8. emssmiley2002

    Gamer Milestones

    Here is mine 5ft x 10ft playing surface, before moving it to the back of the, still under construction bar. No food or drinks allowed on the table, but will use it for gaming (miniatures and terrain) with the pool cover over it.
  9. Pool Table.JPG

    Pool Table.JPG

  10. emssmiley2002

    Gamer Milestones

    Well, your welcome at my bar anytime.
  11. emssmiley2002

    Kickstarter MEDIEVAL: Real Medieval Life for RPGs

    Its not up until Dec. as far as his previous work I have his OB2 and it is freakin massive. Several books and better then anything Ive come across on medival living. Its been worth every penny. AATW/RLTW/DOL
  12. emssmiley2002

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Svilland, Axon Punk, Lands of Theia, and more

    I was in the 7th ID LRSD and we did the same thing, Do you remember the soviet bloc ID cards? The ones that showed a front and side view black silhouette of the vehicle. I guess we where the fore runner to the Aces and Eights Shotclock, we would use the cards and a small mortar plot computer...
  13. emssmiley2002

    Free League Announces Twilight: 2000 4th Edition

    Yes! I loved T2K as a kid. I have all the modules and versions! Free League, take my money.
  14. emssmiley2002

    New Dice from Q-Workshop

    Sucks getting older, about 2 years ago 9I was 45) I noticed my vision getting worse. I hate it. Im even having problems with my shooting of pistols, rifles are still pretty good, but I sure wont be daoing any movement to contacts or walking point anymore lol Time to retire
  15. emssmiley2002

    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    I have FG and unfortunately I cant find any groups looking for players.
  16. emssmiley2002

    Paizo Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Video Game Kickstarter Live

    Im only 40 Hrs in and loving it! But, Im well over 1000 Hrs into Fallout4, so there is that. :)
  17. emssmiley2002

    D&D General Gamer Stats From White Dwarf in the 80s

    Twilight 2000, wish it would make a comeback. Loved it as a kid
  18. emssmiley2002

    Where Do They Get Their Money, Part One

    I use Orbis Mundi 2, Its a really good book on Medieval life. I stole the first paragraph and pasted it below. Orbis Mundi 2 is a massive expansion of the information presented in the first edition and is intended to provide Game Masters and Players with a better understanding of key...