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  1. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks Would Like To Explore Kara-Tur

    I think one could make a great setting using the smaller MtG sets as various continents and locations of the same world. The Flying Capitol of Ravnica The Shattered Lands of Zendikar, floating right under Ravnica in the debris left when the land was raised to flee the Eldrazi. On the ground...
  2. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Convince me that the Ranger is a necessary Class.

    Im convinced. Ranger should be an artificers archetype based on poultice, traps and enhanced hunting companions.
  3. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Why is There No Warlord Equivalent in 5E?

    I think the Expert sidekick class makes a good basis for a warlord. Bolt on it the '"healing die pool" from celestial warlock/dream druid, medium armor + shield and the UA tamdem tactitian feat and you are pretty close.
  4. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E What I Don't Like About Subclasses, and Potential Solutions.

    Well, since each moving part is smaller (the games goes to 10th level), there's no real trap option. You can be ultra focused, or be an all-rounder, but in the end it all balances out.
  5. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E What I Don't Like About Subclasses, and Potential Solutions.

    I think the way Shadow of the Demon Lord handles it is the best way to handle things, mix matching a base class with an ancestry class, an advanced class and a master class that gives that arent class locked nor have pre requesites. Wanna play a goblin rogue-berserker-hydromancer? Go for it...
  6. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General Re-Loring Monsters

    I dont care much for furry species, but my players love them, so as a compromise I added bestial traits to some species physical description and the lore of their societies. My tieflings are related to rakshasa and have feline traits while my aasimar are relates to coalts with serpentine traits...
  7. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General Demetrios1453 Plays the Gold Box Games

    Well not much to say or add, but those daily stories are really making my day. These are very fun!
  8. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General What Are Adventurers In Your World?

    Its those that wander, without being lost. Its those seeking to shine without being gold. Its those who decided to do something with the time imparted to them.
  9. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E How would YOU nerf the wizard? +

    I think the wizard should lean more on its theme of "magic as science" and eat the artificer trope. Remove all spell slots from them and give them the ability to infuse 2 wands of cantrip X Y Z with 3 charges, recover 1d4 at dawn, at 1st level, and make them craft 2 x 1 scrolls of 3rd level...
  10. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General Which was your favourite Forgotten Realms Cosmology?

    because it was designed to be interacted with at a relatively low level; its an actual gameplay element, while the others are more theorical concept of worldbuilding. The Great Wheel is a great reading piece of esoterical cosmology, but I dont think it interact all that much with your day to day...
  11. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Player Hit Points

    Con score + average at 1st, Average without con mod after this.
  12. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General Matt Colville on adventure length

    Id suggest doing the same as the AiME line's aventure books: pick a region, fill it with a bunch of small adventures with an optional overarching theme you can use to weave (or not) a full campaing but is usually asumed as disparate quests.
  13. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E What if we got rid of stats entirely?

    I think it should be doable, with a good dose of passive features from class/background. Like, instead of str, fighter can have more powerful/meaningful fighting styles, a feature adding a flat bonus to athletic skill check, a flat bonus to carrying weight, etc. Monks, would start with a...
  14. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E With Only 4 Ability Scores, How Would You Handle Spellcasting Abilities (+)

    I'd maybe try something like this: Might (athletic, melee attacks, riding, ranged weapon range, armor and weapon proficiencies, HP) Precision (use tools, AC, ranged and finesse attack) Cunning (lore, riddles, coerce, search/spot) Magic (both offense and magic defense against spells) Then all...
  15. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Help With Githyanki Adventure Idea

    Maybe the strongbox contains a way to regain his throne (proof of lineage or whatnot)? Like, the 'yanki PC himself is the one hiring the rest of the group to find the lost ship and get back his stuff. Like, the undead 'yanki crew in the derelict ship is actually from his House, but they...
  16. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D 5E Help With Githyanki Adventure Idea

    Maybe a mix of two adventures from Saltmarsh: Salvage Operation and Tamreraut's Fate, but refflufed as astral ships instead of regular ships? Part A) 1) The party is hired to salvage a derelict ship to recover a mysterious steel crate. 2) The ship is full of crazed undeads of both humans and...
  17. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General 6 Core Classes: You are in charge

    Not bad, I'd go with something like; str: battlemaster con: rune knight dex: samurai wis: psi warrior cha: knight int: arcane archer 3 spell-less, 3 with magic, yet no spell slots in sight.
  18. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D General 6 Core Classes: You are in charge

    Str: warrior Dex: crafter Int: warlock Con: explorer Wis: wizard Cha: orator
  19. Tales and Chronicles

    D&D (2024) Here's The New 2024 Player's Handbook Wizard Art

    Somehow, I dont think that's reassuring to them...