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  1. DragonBelow

    D&D (2024) New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Alternate Art Cover Reveal

    I like the Dragon's body is spelling D&D
  2. DragonBelow

    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    Yeah the anchor mechanic is pretty nice. You could copy it, but it's not an element I have seen in other systems. I'm getting rid of my AFMBE, don't need it anymore.
  3. DragonBelow

    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    The starter set comes with dice, so you don't need separate dice if you get that. Having said that, you only need 2 sets of D6s with different colors. One for regular dice and one for stress dice.
  4. DragonBelow

    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    I ran the starter set adventure this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. The threat level mechanic works, and it came up more often than I expected, as the players kept pushing their rolls to avoid failures. It reminded me a bit of the cypher system in the sense that the players did most of the...
  5. DragonBelow

    D&D General Deck of Many Things rerelease fixed (or not?)

    Not to mention people that don't read the description of the product they purchased, and then complaint about a what should've been a known quantity
  6. DragonBelow

    Dragonlance Kaz The Minotaur Comes to 5e For His 35th Anniversary

    Richard Knaak is one of my favorite DL authors. I enjoyed the Legend of Huma, Kaz the Minotaur, and the Minotaur trilogy. I will definitely be checking this out!
  7. DragonBelow

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Two players missing. Session cancelled
  8. DragonBelow

    How long are your gaming sessions?

    my range is actualy larger, but my vote is closer to the average
  9. DragonBelow

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Gary Gygax’s The Hermit, Mythic Bastionland, Tiny Cyberpunk, and more

    I'm skeptical about Tiny Cyberpunk. How minimalist can it be, when they feel the need to also describe it as rules light :p
  10. DragonBelow

    What Is Your Favorite Campaign Setting?

    Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Ravenloft. Dragonlance, I read a bunch of the novels and DMed at least 3 campaigns there. Currently playing Adventurer's League Dragonlance Spelljammer, just love the space fantasy aspect of it. Currently DMing a campaign there. Raveloft, I tried running it several...
  11. DragonBelow

    D&D 2E Let's Read the AD&D 2nd Edition PHB+DMG!

    My first character was a fighter. We rolled 3d6 in order. His Str was 14, and that was his best stat. Determining ability scores was always up to the DM, but the choices was typically one of the methods presented there: 4d6 drop lowest was very popular in our group, but there were several...
  12. DragonBelow

    D&D 5E Deck of Many Things manufacturing issue from review to delay to dndbeyond article.

    Agreed. This is ONE report, but title makes it seem like all sets will have this issue. The person in the video seems to have some professional knowledge on the subject, so perhaps it will be, but I am skeptical.
  13. DragonBelow

    D&D 5E Amazon US book sales rank.

    I grabbed the campaign case just for the clings 😇 Anybody want a cling-less campaign case?
  14. DragonBelow

    D&D General Eldritch Knight question

    The Witcher too, he knows some magic.
  15. DragonBelow

    D&D General Best dragon-related adventure (any edition)

    Ok, I can see that happening, but that's not the reason you provided initially.
  16. DragonBelow

    D&D 5E Book of Many Things pre order up.

    I like props though. I have the Green Ronin deck from some time ago.
  17. DragonBelow

    D&D 5E Book of Many Things pre order up.

    This thing turned up into my campaign. It killed one character, and screwed up at least another player. By the end of the session, I had laid out a series of quests to undo the damage. By next session, I chalked the whole thing to a shared dream, and had the whole carnival disappear from town...
  18. DragonBelow

    D&D General Best dragon-related adventure (any edition)

    Except all Chromatic Dragons in 3.5 had Dex 10, so at most it could do only one AoO per round. I think your group was being overly cautious
  19. DragonBelow

    D&D General Best dragon-related adventure (any edition)

    I ran this for my group when it came out, and we played it all the way to the end. It's a really fun adventure with many memorable encounters.
  20. DragonBelow

    D&D 5E Are D&D sales declining? Teos Abadia takes a look.

    With a new edition around the corner this is hardly unexpected. Move along...