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  1. Zhap

    DMs Guild Fhamzax the Fantastic Presents - Cursed Items Vol.3!

    The best-dressed lich in all Faerun, Fhamzax the Fantastic, brings you his third installment of cursed... I mean improved items! Curses and trick items for all items from Bigby Presents - Glory of Giants. 19 Curses for Items. Ah, yes unburied from long-forgotten ruins. Bigby has found the...
  2. Zhap

    DMs Guild Fhamzax the Fantastic Presents - Cursed Items Vol. 2

    https://www.dmsguild.com/product/446595 The second volume is now available. It brings you unique curses for 35 items of the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Now you are finally able to provide curses for the weakest of the weak too! Add excitement to your adventures with 12 new common trick...
  3. Zhap

    DMs Guild Fhamzax Presents – Cursed Classes

    Hey Guys, just released my new supplement. 13 weird and over-the-top subclasses, the like you don't find in many other supplements! They are so good that they come with their own disadvantages...
  4. Zhap

    Kickstarter Dungeon Epics Adventure Compedium

    Hey Guys! 😁 We are happy to announce that our next project for our 5e audience just launched!! The Dungeon Epics Adventure Compendium features 5 oneshots for just 5$ each! Five stand-alone 5e oneshots building an overarching story to piece together an ancient artifact. With all five adventures...
  5. Zhap

    Kickstarter Dungeon Delver Cards - Randomly-Generated but Story-Driven Dungeon

    Just launched today on Kickstarter, already sold out all our early bird pledges and funded within 2 hours: Dungeon Delver Cards. 😁 The project offer over 50 unique map tiles and accompanying zine that provide a mechanic to generate a random but story driven dungeon! It will be system neutral...
  6. Dungeon Delver.jpg

    Dungeon Delver.jpg

  7. Zhap

    Kickstarter 5e Adventure - A Very First Heist

    Hey Guys, Just launched our next kickstarter: A Very First Heist! Be sneaky, smart, and skillful as you get hired for your first heist, a first-tier adventure designed to offer players a low-level challenge that is more than just combat. The characters are employed to procure a valuable object...
  8. A Very First Heist Kickstarter.jpg

    A Very First Heist Kickstarter.jpg

  9. Zhap

    DMs Guild Fhamzax the Fantastic Presents - Improved Items

    https://www.dmsguild.com/product/417594/Fhamzax-Presents--Improved-Items My remarkable tome brings you unique curses for 160 items of the Dungeon Master’s Guide! Never again must you fear the boredom of yet another magic item! Add excitement to your adventures with over a dozen new trick...
  10. DMsGuild Cover.jpg

    DMsGuild Cover.jpg

  11. Zhap

    Kickstarter Southwood's Gold - A 5e adventure to introduce new players

    Navigate through the jungle and conflicting moral perspectives in this beginner-friendly adventure for 5e. 30 page adventure Tier 1 oneshot with around 4 hours of playtime 4 high resolution maps A story with multipled paths and endings, each fully fleshed out Coming soon: Southwood's Gold...
  12. Zhap

    DMs Guild D&D5e - Way of the Ungifted - A Monk Subclass

    You want to become an agile and graceful monk, but for some god damn reason you were born a Loxodon? You want to finally stop failing at balancing over the rope above the pit of definite death? You want to kick your childhood bullies' asses for always laughing at you because were too weak to...
  13. Zhap

    DMs Guild D&D5e - Bizarre Hag Trinkets

    Hey guys, I think we can all agree up that hags are weird. And encounters with them should feel unpredictable. One should never be fully sure if the deal he going to strike is really good one. But in comparison fights against are on the more boring side. It needs preparation and creativity of...
  14. Zhap

    D&D 5E Waterdeep Dragon Heist - Alliance between Cassalanters and Manshoon?

    Hey guys, I play the Alexandran remix version of the Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign. The players have to go to the Sanctum of Manshoon to steal one of the eyes from the Stone of Golorr. Their first attempt failed. Currently they can't find a solution how to try again. For this reason they are...
  15. Zhap

    DMs Guild [5E] D&D Calendar of Waterdeep - DMs Guild

    Small update: my Calendar of Waterdeep reached Copper Best Seller Status. Thanks to the ones who paid for it even when it is PWYW. And thanks to those who rated and reviewed!
  16. Zhap

    D&D General Advice how grandparents would force player take on familiy business

    It seems like you are misunderstanding what I meant. I don't force or manipulate anything. It is his backstory. His grandparents just aren't nice people (remember the slavery part?). They care that the family keeps going on and disapprove of his decision to leave them as their eldest son...
  17. Zhap

    D&D General Advice how grandparents would force player take on familiy business

    TL;DR: Looking for ideas how grandparents would force their eldest son back into family business. One of my players is the son of the Rosznars. A noble family of Waterdeep which once was banned because (their) slave trading was declared illegal but now returned. His father and younger brother...
  18. Zhap

    D&D 5E Oneshot idea - characters as little children

    Hey guys, In my Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign I want to insert a little oneshot as the three urchins tell my PCs a bit about their backstory. The story should take place in Troll Skull Manor that once was onwed by a witch which made an orphanage out of it to secretly sacrifice/eat the...
  19. Zhap

    DMs Guild [5E] D&D Calendar of Waterdeep - DMs Guild

    Hey folks, I now have my next product on the DMsGuild: Calendar of Waterdeep A calendar for Waterdeep, the city of splendors! Polished and with short information about all holidays, even the transition days! Moon phases are depicted (for your inner werewolf 😉) and each season is marked by an...
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