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  1. Hairfoot

    Halflings or Hobbits?

    Depending on how canonical you want to be, hobbits are different from recent iterations of halfling because they're human. In Tolkien's cosmology only humans and hobbits experience life after death, while the other races are fundamentally bound to the world they inhabit. Hobbitish or not...
  2. Hairfoot

    The "Old School Revival" - The Light Bulb Goes On

    There are no real "sides", unless we view the debate as something between half a dozen factions, because that's the sort of diversity that's represented by S&W, C&C, PF, 4E, and the various permutations thereof.
  3. Hairfoot

    Gaming, Adults, and Growing Up

    They are games. Can I ask what you'd prefer she call them? From my perspective it's puzzling that you don't move on and find a girl who either plays games or thinks it's fine, but I also remember what it was like to feel as though women are never, ever into those sorts of activities. As a...
  4. Hairfoot

    Harry Potter d20

    Pretty sure there's a reason there's no official HP RPG - and it's not lack of interest!
  5. Hairfoot

    Harry Potter d20

    Rowling is extremely protective of her IP and doesn't like people publishing stuff containing her characters.
  6. Hairfoot

    What are you a minority about?

    Which edition are you using?
  7. Hairfoot

    What are you a minority about?

    I think that's probably true. It does, however, mean that combat survival becomes the #1 priority for a PC, which also leads to the power creep that I most dislike about 4E. There is no room for talented mortals; only superheroes.
  8. Hairfoot

    What are you a minority about?

    All of that raises the question: why D&D? Aren't there miniature combat games that simulate fights better that you could then add roleplay to with a more satisfying result?
  9. Hairfoot

    A great (and free) way to keep track of your Gold

    Who makes those? I've been looking around for some, but can't find any in sufficient denominations.
  10. Hairfoot

    People who read games but don't play...are there more than me...

    I know at least three people who buy RPG and wargame sourcebooks because they love the art and concepts, but wouldn't be caught dead doing something as nerdish as actually playing them.
  11. Hairfoot

    What's really at stake in the Edition Wars

    "Haters". I suggest you may not interested in informed opinion.
  12. Hairfoot

    How do you spice up your orcs?

    Or rather, go retro-and use pig-faced orcs who have the sensibilities of animals. My internet-savvy friends inform me that there is a branch of manga which deals in graphic depictions of such animals. Perhaps that could serve as inspiration.
  13. Hairfoot

    What's really at stake in the Edition Wars

    In what way were they contradictory? Can you link to examples? A dozen people may make separate comparisons with video games as criticism, but it doesn't follow that any number of those criticisms are contradictory. They may be a dozen valid and relevant points.
  14. Hairfoot

    What does Videogamey mean to you?

    That's an exhaustive list, but IME posters who object to those qualities explain and describe why. It seems that you'd like to write off many avenues of legitimate complaint by artificially filing them under the easily-dismissed heading of "videogamey".
  15. Hairfoot

    What's really at stake in the Edition Wars

    Your memory is very different to mine. Certainly, there was a lot of animosity toward 4E, but I think a lot of it is now being written off as meaningless spite when there was, in fact, a great deal of considered, informed and accurate criticism posted.
  16. Hairfoot

    What Makes a Deity?

    In Forgotten Realms, a bigger deity.
  17. Hairfoot

    In tribute to Gary Gygax

    It's hard to overstate the impact Gary Gygax has had on popular culture, games and fiction, and anything I said about the impact he's had on my own life would be an understatement. He is missed and remembered. Now I must write up something Gygaxian and Arnesonian to menace my players with on...
  18. Hairfoot

    What's really at stake in the Edition Wars

    Can you link to anything to back that up? I've followed the edition wars quite closely, and to me it's always seemed to pan out the same way as the current "What does Videogamey mean to you?" thread: one group of people declaring "videogamey" is a meaningless, offhand insult, and another group...
  19. Hairfoot

    What's really at stake in the Edition Wars

    I don't think it's that insidious. You'd have a hard time finding a roleplaying gamer in 2010 who doesn't play videogames of some sort, so it's unlikely that "videogamey" is simply a euphemism for "dumb" or "stupid". Most often, it's employed as shorthand for "the design of this game makes it...
  20. Hairfoot

    Prisoner not allowed to play D&D

    Excluding the qualifying adjective doesn't ameliorate the implicit moral relativism, although I think Umbran is loathe to let the conversation go down that path.