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    Low Level Magic Item for a Paladin?

    I'm DMing Lost Mine of Phandelver, and going to hand out some magic items to my level 4 party consisting of a Paladin, Wizard, Rogue, and Sorcerer. For the Wizard I'm giving a Hat of Wizardry from Xanathar's, for the Sorc a helmet that lets you cast Thaumaturgy 3 times a day while wearing...
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    Damage at 0 hp / Massive damage clarification?

    It would always have advantage, and would be a critical if the attacker is within 5 feet.
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    Damage at 0 hp / Massive damage clarification?

    The second. The first only refers to taking damage that takes you to 0 and has remaining damage all from one source. The multiattack is two different sources of damage: the first takes the character down to 0 (and kills them if there's remaining damage greater than or equal to their max HP), the...
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    No spell descriptors?

    In general 5e avoids having mechanics that relate to alignment so the answer is "Generally, yeah" however in the sidebar "The Schools of Magic" there's this section: "Creating the undead through the use of necromancy spells such as Animate Dead is not a good act, and only evil casters use such...
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    D&D 5E Questions about 5thEd from a Noob

    That's basically correct, but his ability to cast Cleric ritual spells through Ritual Caster doesn't have anything to do with his wisdom score: if he has the 13 INT or WIS necessary to take Ritual Caster, then he can copy down any Cleric ritual spells he finds on scrolls as long as the level of...
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    D&D 5E Questions about 5thEd from a Noob

    Only gonna answer a few of these cause some of them get into more design philosophy stuff but: 3)If a character takes the Ritual Caster feat or is a Warlock who takes the Book of Ancient Secrets eldritch invocation they can copy ritual spells from spellbooks, but other than that, nobody but a...
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    Water Domain, Work in Progress

    Maelstrom is a pretty obvious pick for 9th level, maybe also Cone of Cold? For 3rd what about Misty Step?
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    Do You Play in AL?

    I don't for a variety of reasons: top of the list is nowhere within an hour's drive runs any AL games regularly but also I don't know that I'd like playing with strangers too much and I don't have much interest looking into the extra magic item/downtime rules I'd need to know.
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    D&D 5E Necromantic party

    For what it's worth Long Death is a way more fitting Monk subclass than Shadow- you steal people's life force as you kill them, you terrify them with your "soul ... touched by the shadow of death", you cause them to wither away and die with a mere touch vs. you can do special stuff when it's...
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    Survivor Appendix N Authors- LEIBER WINS!

    Anderson, Poul 18 Bellairs, John 19 Brackett, Leigh 20 Brown, Frederic 20 Burroughs, Edgar Rice 21 Carter, Lin 20 de Camp, L. Sprague 20 de Camp & Pratt 20 Derleth, August 20 Dunsany, Lord 20 Farmer, P. J. 20 Fox, Gardner 20 Howard, R. E. 21 Lanier, Sterling 20 Leiber, Fritz 21 Lovecraft, H. P...
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    The Infamous Doublebear

    *edit*: Well don't I look the fool for not fully reading stat blocks
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    Readying a Spell and Breaking Concentration

    The trigger for a readied action has to be a "perceivable circumstance", which I would say stepping out of cover absolutely is. Both the examples given in the PHB are about creatures moving to a certain position, I don't see why you couldn't do the same thing but with yourself as the creature in...
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    Linking feats/ability improvements to Character level, any good reasons not to?

    Wouldn't this not affect single classed characters at all? They get their ASIs at character level 4, 8, etc. which if you're single-classes is also class level 4, 8, etc. Under these rules single class characters would work exactly the same as they do currently. The only dead levels introduced...
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    Spellcasting - why no skill check?

    My point was exactly that spellcasters already do have to make a roll for their spells to succeed: they have to make an attack roll (or their target has to make a save, but that's effectively the same thing). And I don't think either of your suggested situations are really equivalent. The rules...
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    Spellcasting - why no skill check?

    As other people have pointed out, the big problem here is that most spells already do require some kind of roll in order to take effect. If you add a check to cast a spell, then a fighter swinging a sword only has one possible point of failure (attack roll), whereas a wizard casting Fire Bolt...
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    D&D 5E Recommend A Book (or 5) To Buy

    For what it's worth, Mordenkainen's has (IMO at least) a much more interesting selection of monsters than Volo's. It's probably worth it, even if you were disappointed with Volo's.
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    D&D 5E The Advanced Multiclass Guide

    Seems like a solid outline overall, one small correction. Your section on Shillelagh: mentions Spell Sniper, which I don't think can give you Shillelagh. Spell Sniper lets you learn one cantrip "that requires an attack roll". You don't make an attack roll as part of the casting of Shillelagh...
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    Why DMG 6 additional optional rules isn't AL legal?

    Well the moving through another creature's space options pretty clearly contradict the general rules which state you can't, period. Marking is sort of an abstract thing that you can't really argue your character 'should' be able to do unless that variant rule is in play, but climbing onto a...
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    D&D 5E Countering the Druid's Wildshape (In Game...)

    To my knowledge creature type counts as a "game statistic" that's replaced by wild shape, so you'd need beast/monster
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    Envoy Warforged: You Pass Butter

    The concept of like, a pair of special ops soldiers, one an elite assassin and the other a warforged that serves as their boat carrying them behind enemy lines is Cool As Hell. It's like Metal Gear Solid if the sub Snake rides in on then turns into a robot.