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  1. not-so-newguy

    Times we have made mistake as DMs and how we would do things differently

    There has only really been one for me, but I should have walked away from the table. No fuss, no explanations, no ultimatums (eg "he goes or i go"). Just between sessions I should've said "Sorry guys this isn't working out for me."
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  3. not-so-newguy

    D&D General The D&D Memes Thread

    I have no idea what that is, but I'm pretty sure Dew from Mountains warps your insides
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  5. not-so-newguy

    The Big Thread of Unsolicited Advice

    show up on time
  6. not-so-newguy

    [DCC] Sequel to #97 Queen of Elfland's Son?

    The title. I'm about halfway through reading this adventure and it has mentioned a sequel, unfortunately a google search doesn't reveal a title. Anybody know? The adventure looks cool btw, loving all the superstitious details of the faerie world.
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  8. not-so-newguy

    Who are your favorite TTRPG reviewers?

    I like The Lost Adventurer for old TSR modules. He seems to do a batch of reviews and then takes a break. So he doesn't have as many Vids as most other reviewers
  9. not-so-newguy

    Am I being too optimistic?

    I agree with what has been said above. The only thing I'd add is... are you delaying the start of your game in order to do all this prep work?
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  13. not-so-newguy

    General DCC RPG thread

    It's been on a long hiatus because of conflicting schedules, mainly my schedule. Though that should change soon. I might run a session within a month or two.
  14. not-so-newguy

    D&D 5E How would YOU nerf the wizard? +

    An easy change to implement would be to make their spells known random, or a fraction of their spells random.