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  1. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E JollyDoc's Way Of The Wicked

    Is Izevel a Co-hort or New PC? Either way, damn! So cool. Should be fun.
  2. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E JollyDoc's Way Of The Wicked

    I loved the "Knick-Knack is a sorcerer" sidebar. The companions of the group are getting more colorful. Knick Knack, Oddball... Scar?? Dire Tiger for an anti paladin...Big Alice is not amused!!
  3. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E Tips on DMing a Skeleton PC

    Played a 3.5 Blackguard with an undead manservant. Went zombie instead of skeleton. (Named Rahb) Hooded cloak and a Hat of Disguise helped a lot when within city limits. Used negative energy scrolls and potions for healing as well as the blackguards lay on hands (harm others).
  4. R-Hero

    Best starting armor for paladins

    (double post)
  5. R-Hero

    Best starting armor for paladins

    According to PFSRD: Chainmail is 150gp. +6ac/+2dex Wooden Shield 3gp. +1ac Leaves you 10 gp and 5 silver. Not much left for expenses (or the Ultimate Equipment Paladin Kit, I am unfamiliar with this gear.) For a mere 53gp. you can go splint mail/wooden shield for +5ac/+1ac. Leaving...
  6. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E JollyDoc's Way Of The Wicked

    (Checks timestamp on Age of Worms) (Compare with timestamp on Way of the Wicked) Has it been 10 years already?? Damn, time flies...
  7. R-Hero

    JollyDoc's Kingmaker-Updated 7/4/2011

    Can I not read one story hour where the guys in the white hats get the bad guy and ride off into the sunset with the girl?? What is the score now? 0 and 4, 0 and 5?? . . . . I just had a epiphany, Serpent Skull, All Evil, I smell a WIN!
  8. R-Hero

    We Be Goblins! I have it! Now with extra pregen goblins

    I want this as a ringtone!!:]
  9. R-Hero

    Desktop Dungeons

    Phaezen, Your link has led me to a time killing-blackhole thats nearly on par with Master of Magic. (as far as killing time goes.) I don't know if I should curse you or thank you...
  10. R-Hero

    I have a son!

    Congratulations!! Don't blink, they grow up fast. (Mine are out of school and on with their own lives.:() Its not all bad though, there is now a redheaded 5 y/o and a blond 2 y/o that love to play with Pops' miniatures. (Circle of life.:D)
  11. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Age of Worms - Need Help

    No problem, Mighty Ogrork. Good luck on your Age of Worms campaign. It is one of my all time favorites!!
  12. R-Hero

    How do you show "three" with your fingers?

    I hold up the middle, ring and pinky. (Kinda like the O.K. sign) I was stationed in Germany back in the late 80's and thats where I picked it up. I've always thought the thumb on pinky was a little binding in spread of the fingers.
  13. jet-powered-truck_jpg_500x400.jpg


  14. R-Hero

    If RPGs were cars, mine's a . . . ?

    Enough said? I enjoy a good powergame!:D
  15. R-Hero

    Party of monsters

    Thats just about the best description I have heard of that particular character. Have you ever seen a Chihuahua start a fight that he/she has NO chance of winning?? Thats exactly the way he played the character. My favorite so far... P.S. To answer your XP question. There was no alcohol...
  16. R-Hero

    JollyDoc's Kingmaker-Updated 7/4/2011

    How much more of this Adventure Path is left, J.D.? If its near the end, what waits in the wings??
  17. R-Hero

    Party of monsters

    I have actually played a game where we used 3 halfbreed templates. Half Troll/orc Fighter Half Vampire/human Blackguard Half Minotaur/halfling Barbarian It was a silly/fun romp. I just wish I knew about the StoryHour then...
  18. R-Hero

    Goodbye from Snape

    I loves me some Alan Rickman...:D One of few great actors. I can't think of a role he has played that did not just reach out and 'rassel my attention into submission. Classy quote for J.K. & Company! I salute you sir!!
  19. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E Paizo Age of Worms - Need Help

    #1 The Fane of Scales "The Black Egg" in issue #106. #2 MALGARIUS: A demonic plant that once controlled a layer of the Abyss, but which was defeated by the demon lord Lazbral'thull. Dungeon #122: Root of Evil. Get it?? Root...evil...Oh, never mind.
  20. R-Hero

    Pathfinder 1E GM in need of assistance, Pathfinder

    Is the NPC death the ONLY way out?? You say they need to save another NPC with vital information. Can the group find the NPC first and play bodyguard? ("Come with me if you want to live.":)) Can the Assassin be stopped or diverted? A player asumes the likeness of Target X and draws fire...