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    Trudvang Chronicles Preview Part 2 - Rules

    I am not the one you are looking for but i got the answer you are seeking for :D http://www.riotminds.se/store/ thats where you can order the game
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    Trudvang Chronicles Preview Part 2 - Rules

    Alright thank you for the information Theo :D
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    Trudvang Chronicles Preview Part 2 - Rules

    This is very interesting, especialy that you can't throw critical hits for weapons but that if you make enough damage, you can deal even more. What i would like to know is, if there is a timelimit for the Raud, or does it has to be right after the action.
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    Trudvang Chronicles Preview Part 1 - Setting

    I enjoy all these little inspirations and hints from the nordic culture and i like that you can see if something is inspired by something. The nordic culture itself is very interesting and i can't wait for the game to finaly be able to play. I am happy that i chose to backup this game at...