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  1. Ningauble

    Batman v Superman (open spoiler thread)

    I thought it was awesome. I went in with zero expectations and I was blown away. It has some problems certainly, but the last half of the movie or so was great. Fight with Bats v. Sup was epic and really reminded me of the Dark Knight Returns. The death really surprised me. I did not know...
  2. Ningauble

    Standard of Living: Alternative to tracking gold pieces

    I got this idea from The One Ring rpg. Instead of tracking every gold piece, assign a Standard of Living rating. SL ranges from +0 (impoverished) to +10 (wealthy). If the character wishes to buy something, the DM will compare the character's SL rating to the expense and availability of the...
  3. Ningauble

    Star Wars Spoilers Thread [Spoilers]

    Saw it last night. Here is my quick review after sleeping on it. Overall, a B-. Visually stunning, great new characters, but the plot was terrible (Episode IV copy cat) and too many unexplained things. I felt like they rammed the new characters down your throat when they should have eased...
  4. Ningauble

    Out of the Abyss

    3 out of 5 rating for Out of the Abyss I really wanted to like this adventure. It has been a long time since I've DM'd a good Underdark crawl and I was sold on the "Alice in Wonderland" vibe. But the more I read, all I could envision was a lot of work and prep to actually run this thing...
  5. Ningauble

    MUTANT: Year Zero – The Roleplaying Game

    5 out of 5 rating for MUTANT: Year Zero – The Roleplaying Game Mutant Year Zero is currently my favorite RPG that I have read but not played. The art and production values are top notch. The post-apocalyptic flavor hits a sweet spot for me. Nothing too zany like Gamma World, but not quite as...
  6. Ningauble

    Darkmagic vs. Do'Urden - Watch Friday's Night's Acquisition's, Inc. Game!

    Wizards took down the video. It says video no longer available due to a copyright claim. Anyone know if it is up on WOTC's site or somewhere else? I had a 1/2 hr left. I'm bummed- I was enjoying the humor.
  7. Ningauble

    D&D 5E On the healing options in the 5e DMG

    I think a big part of the problem with trying to find the perfect healing rate is that hit points represent a bunch of things. Per the PHB, they are a "combination of physical and mental durability, the will to live, and luck." Has anyone ever tried splitting up HP in to 2 categories- physical...
  8. Ningauble

    D&D 5E D&D 5e death and consequences?

    Also, the 1,000 gp is only the cost of the material components. A high priest would certainly want a lot more for his spell casting services. In my Ptolus Pathfinder campaign 30,000 is the normal total cost. Pg. 159 of the PH discusses spell casting services but gives no formula (it hints at...
  9. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Anyone else feel individual initiative is more trouble than it's worth?

    I've pretty much always used individual init. for PCs, group initiative for the monsters. Quicker and solves a lot of the "wait I was supposed to be next" problems. I sort of wish we could get rid of initiative altogether as it delays the start of combat and creates extra bookkeeping. But...
  10. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Difference between critical hits and automatic hits.

    You're probably right. I just looked at some monsters and it may be a non issue. It looks like Armor Class of monsters is a lot lower in 5th edition. My point about the 3rd level PC vs. Orcus or some other godlike entity was simply that a 3rd level character should not even be able to hit...
  11. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Would you buy an updated PHB every year?

    Absolutely not. If they can't get it right the first time, then what was the play test for? Having to buy 3.5 after several years of 3.0 was bad enough, every year would be ridiculous. It scares me that Mearls is already talking revisions . . .
  12. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Good art and Really bad art in the 5e PHB

    I'm not a fan of the PHB art on the whole. I just don't feel inspired by it. My 9 year son when he looked at the Pathfinder book said cool, I want to play that guy or that person. When he looked at the 5th ed. PHB, he went "eh". I just find a lot of it curious from a marketing standpoint...
  13. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Difference between critical hits and automatic hits.

    I favor the interpretation that this equals the old improved crit from 3rd Ed. I mean should a third level champion fighting Orcus have a 10% chance on all his attacks to auto crit? No, you should still have to hit or roll a 20. I'm trying to like 5th ed. but this lack of clarity on some of...
  14. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Have you played 5E yet?

    Yep. I'm playing the Starter Set with my 9 year old son. I think it is a great edition for new players. We just finished the Redbrands Hideout and reached 3rd level. He plays a Wizard and a Rogue, I'm DMing and running the Cleric and Fighter. I really like the speed of combat. I will...
  15. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Codename: Morningstar Beta Sign Ups OPEN!

    I signed up last night, but I still have not received a confirmation email. Is it full?
  16. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Starter Set spoilers?

    LOL. Yes, that was spellcheck auto correct again. I'll have to figure out how to turn it off. Yes, it is a Grick. (That would be pretty old school- a brick falls on your head, you die). As for your other question, yes the adventure gives details if the PCs refuse to parley with Yeemik...
  17. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Starter Set spoilers?

    That should be the doppelgänger is disguised as a female Drow (stupid spellcheck) not crow.
  18. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Starter Set spoilers?

    I'm also surprised that there is not more talk about the Starter Set adventure on enworld. I'll try to help you out (excuse any typos- not proofed for time). My overall impressions are very positive. I think it is the best starter set of the recent editions. I even like it better than the...
  19. Ningauble

    D&D 5E 5e Basic Rules poll

    Love It! I was skeptical when Wizards said it would be a mix of all editions, but I think they pulled it off. The emphasis on the story telling is great. I also love all the references to Dragonlance and the Forgotten Realms in the rulebooks. Just feels like D&D should.
  20. Ningauble

    D&D 5E Lost Mine of Phandelver (pretty much the worst adventure title in the history of D&D)

    Really? I don't think the name is that bad. Anyway I wouldn't judge it by its name. I've read most of it, and so far I'm impressed. Sandbox style adventure, lots of opportunities for roleplaying, lots of different mini quests. It blows Keep of the Shadowfell and other "starter" adventures away.