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    D&D General D&D Red Box: Who Is The Warrior?

    I did expect nothing less from the DnD ecosystem. The wider the tent, the more participants, the more revenue. It makes complete business sense.
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    Paizo Unveils Two New Classes

    Well done Paizo. It's great to see how their products evolve and mature. Bring on the newness.
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    Paizo Announces Starfinder 2nd Edition

    This makes complete sense to me. As a fan of both systems, I can see how being able to leverage content from each will help Paizo deliver more content, faster. I'll be here to buy both.
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    D&D 5E Beadle and Grimm Announces Phandelver Legendary Edition For October

    I can't get enough of these boxes. I know there are less expensive ways to create immersion, but these sets make it quite easy.
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    Ideas for miniatures storage

    Hey thanks Minnesota! Much appreciate the links and the response. Both solutions look perfect.
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    Ideas for miniatures storage

    Hello All, Would anyone be able to recommend any good products that can be used to store WizKids D&D miniatures? I've found a number of companies that offer cases built for Warhammer or Star Wars products, but nothing specific to D&D minis. I'm not able to build something from scratch - i'm...