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  1. aurvay

    D&D (2024) How to fix multiclassing?

    This is definitely the best solution, I believe. You realize that this is the prime example of having your cake and eating it too, and you just confessed to it being your most powerful build so far, right? Your pro-MC argument is exactly why multiclassing leaves a bad taste in most DMs mouths.
  2. aurvay

    D&D (2024) How to fix multiclassing?

    Another possible solution would be this: "Your proficiency bonus is not determined by your total character level, but by the class that you have the fewest levels in." Either get them class levels next to each other or get rekt. I'm also ok with granting feats at every 4th level by total...
  3. aurvay

    D&D (2024) How to fix multiclassing?

    yes. this would also work. like that feat in Tasha’s that grants metamagic ability. anything would actually work better than the actual multiclassing rules to curb power gaming at the table.
  4. aurvay

    D&D (2024) How to fix multiclassing?

    The ultimate fix would be making all classes gain subclass features at the same levels (like once in each tier of play for a total of 4 subclass features), so they could create multiclassing subclasses (instead of multiclassing with, say, sorcerer, you take the sorcerer subclass on top of...
  5. aurvay

    Dragonlance Dragonlance or Mystara?

    I would run Dragonlance. But I would remove/disregard the meta-plot entirely and fundementally change some parts of the lore.
  6. aurvay

    D&D 5E Proposed Houserule: Warlock Spell Slots

    This is actually how I do it for my ongoing 5-year-old campaign. Our warlock hit level 20 already and things were quite balanced the whole time.
  7. aurvay

    D&D 5E How to De-Magic 5e

    Modern problems require classic solutions. A) Make cantrip a first level spell. When the spellcaster learns the cantrip spell, instead of individual cantrips, (s)he chooses them as effects that can be replicated with the 1st level cantrip spell. B) Move some effects to ability scores or prof...
  8. aurvay

    The Next Dungeons & Dragons Storyline Will Be...

    >Releases XGtE >Extraplanar character options like horizon walker >Reprints of previous options that are non-FR specific >Releases MToF >All about extraplanar conflicts >Extraplanar monsters with high CRs >Here comes W:DH >Low level >FR specific >Sword Coast yet again