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    ZEITGEIST Zeitvice: one GM's guide to the best AP

    This is incredible. I just began skimming through the PDf and immediately came upon the part where you talk about Nic euthanizing his patients. I agree so much with you. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
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    ZEITGEIST Help Making Gears of Revolution AP More Leftist?

    I actually think the most interesting thing about the campaign is the opportunities it presents to challenge the players' ideologies. Particularly in the end, despite everything the Ob do, players have either the choice to return the world to normal (doing evil by omitting to do good) or try and...
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    ZEITGEIST 5e vs. 4e Zeitgeist?

    I began running the campaign over two years ago, and decided to go with 4e precisely because the monsters were so well written (seriously, they're so good, much better than official monsters even). Additionally, the unorthodox nature of the adventures makes 4e rituals really shine. We played...
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    ZEITGEIST Death of the Author -- coming soon!

    I'm super excited for this adventure. My players are still in the middle of adventure 7 but I will definitely present this to them once we're finished with the adventure path. Are there any plans to bring this adventure to other systems? 5e is really not our first choice (although Level Up might...
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    ZEITGEIST Pcs allied with Pemberton, need suggestions

    So at the end of adventure 6 the PCs decided Pemberton might not be such a bad ruler for Ber (they hated Bruse Shantus). Both they and Pemberton stood to lose if they fought, so it really made sense to make peace, but now I'm facing the dilemma of coming up with an appropriate response from Ber...
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    ZEITGEIST Starting the 4th Book soon, any tips?

    Yes, it only happened once, but the player was very frustrated about it because while everyone else did adjust their tactics, he was pretty much out of the fight for the rest of the encounter, that's all. Evidently it will be different for every group, I'm just giving a suggestion based on my...
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    ZEITGEIST Starting the 4th Book soon, any tips?

    4e, the enemies slid them off the train. Particularly the last one I believe, the big wraith.
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    ZEITGEIST Starting the 4th Book soon, any tips?

    I would advice you to deviate a bit from the Nem encounter as written. My players did not enjoy it. They found it frustrating having to make their way through the entire length of the train, getting very far only to be teleported back to the start whenever they got hit. Other than that, try to...
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    ZEITGEIST Book 5 Questions

    I think the clock is running slow because of human error. If you mean, what's the point, I think it could maybe make players think they have more time to defuse the bomb than they actually do if they don't realize it's running slow. Regarding the train bomb, my players actually failed to defuse...
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    ZEITGEIST Question about the ending of adventure 6

    So my players and me are about to finish adventure 6 and I realized that Tinker Oddcog is subject to the obscurati geas. I was wondering how is it that he can talk so openly about the colossus, considering that information is very secret and the conspiracy obviously wouldn't want anyone knowing...
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    What have you hate-watched and why?

    The only times I can think of when I watch something I already know I'm not going to like, it's because a friend or loved one adores it and insists on me giving it a chance. I usually end up doing it as a favor, and try to be as polite as possible when I inform them that I in fact did not enjoy it.
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    Devil at the Dreaming Palace: An In-Depth Review

    Wow, are you really that offended by someone having a different opinion? If you liked the review that's fine, it's really all the same to me. No need to be snarky with me. We don't even know each other.
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    Devil at the Dreaming Palace: An In-Depth Review

    The review left me with an unclear idea of what parts of the game work and which don't. Funnily enough, I have the impression that the adventure really isn't that good, because for example the first part seems completely disconnected from the rest of the story. I did feel the conclusion was...
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    Devil at the Dreaming Palace: An In-Depth Review

    I don't really care if the author feels the need to talk about that or not, my disappointment stems from the fact that the rest of the content seems lacking. For an "in-depth" review I would have really appreciated more discussion regarding the structure, pacing, characters etc. Maybe even some...
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    Devil at the Dreaming Palace: An In-Depth Review

    Really disappointed that this so-called review seems more concerned with analyzing perceived political implications rather than actually discussing the adventure itself.
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    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] Pathfinder 2e Conversion [Work in Progress]

    As a huge fan of 4e combat, the enemy design in the AP is certainly one of my favorite things about it.
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    ZEITGEIST Zetgeist 4e: How Many Players

    I'm up to adventure 4 with my group of 4. We had a fifth player but he was only around for the first adventure (and without him it would have been next to impossible for my group to complete). The second and third adventure were very hard, especially because there is no leader, so healing...
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    ZEITGEIST tragicThaumaturge's 4e Zeitgeist Campaign

    Session 2.4 (Second half) 6th of Summer The party rushed toward Sechim’s factory and arrived just in time. Juza flew up to the roof using the Canary in a Coal Mine, because she heard footsteps there. Holster went around the factory to block off escape, accompanied by his comrades. Jasbeer and...
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    ZEITGEIST tragicThaumaturge's 4e Zeitgeist Campaign

    Session 2.4 (First half) Fifth of Summer Gwen had been tormented by thoughts of the oil creature that had assaulted them in the church that night. She could not shake the feeling that it was somehow tied to her own origins, and could not help but wonder if that monstrosity was something similar...
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    ZEITGEIST tragicThaumaturge's 4e Zeitgeist Campaign

    4th of Summer The party spent a good amount of time during and after the last session discussing an issue that had come up, namely Rider’s involvement with all of this. Jasbeer and Uzziel had learned of the boy’s role as liaison between professor Kindleton and an unknown group, whom they could...