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    D&D 5E Have you bought any (non DM's Guild] 3rd party 5E products?

    I've had great experiences with Goodman Games "Fifth Edition Fantasy" series.
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    D&D 5E Survivor Feats: UPDATE- MOBILE WINS!

    Alert 22 Athlete 11 Actor 24 Defensive Duelist 15 Dual Wielder 17 Dungeon Delver 24 Durable 17 Elemental Adept 17 Healer 23 Heavily Armored 20 Heavy Armor Master 12 Inspiring Leader 26 Keen Mind 14 Linguist 7 Mage Slayer 23 Magic Initiate 25 Martial Adept 14 Medium Armor Master 5 Mobile 28...
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    If there is still a space left for the 3rd afternoon game, D&D 4E, put me down for it. I haven't even finished reading the write ups and the space is going fast! I'll happily gender bend the bard, I think that'd be a riot!
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    Star wars for me as well, sounds really good :) I can't wait to get back to games plus, its been too long!
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    Dragon 375: Gontal, Dominions of Nehu

    Interesting, only semi useful. I'm excited that spellplagued characters haven't been forgotten though. Only one power isn't much, but it is something and hopefully more will come over time.
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    Arcane Sword Epic Destiny- Auto-Win?

    Encounter only lasts 5 minutes at most. So yes, that sword could kill someone, but if the enemies win (i.e. TPK) you're only going to be able to chase down and kill 2 or 3 before the magic wears off - and it doesn't matter, it is still a TPK.
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    FRPG Channel Divinity Feats: Power level over 9000?

    Other than RRoT, I don't feel any of them are of a power level much beyond what I'd expect. Of course, most of them are of a power level higher than the default channel divinities, so giving them for free certainly does boost your characters somewhat. We have to be realistic here, there are...
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    Sequestering Strike Instakill?

    I've always played that you can't teleport to anywhere without a place to stand. If it were otherwise, every time my monsters have a teleporting power, it would be VERY bad for the PC's. Anything the PC's get, the NPC's can get to (well, except healing for the most part)
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    Woohoo! I crit with a daily!

    We're overmatched in an LFR mod, playing high in the last room (EAST1-1) Just as the battle begins to sway in our favor, the bard uses his ranged attack to give one of the baddies a vulnerability to be crit by an 18-20, and my avenger is able to roll that precious 18 with his daily. Good...
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    Excerpt: Eberron Player's Guide: Introduction

    I've got a feeling that it'll be implemented something like how Spellscarred multiclassing works. Spend a feat, gain access to different powers. Hopefully it is something better, but who knows.
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    Change to Tempests and Doubleswords?

    Sounds like double check the armor you're wearing. I'll have to run the test too in order to see what's up. My Dual Chainfighter would be dissapointed if I had to manually adjust all the dumb little power cards :)
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    monk preview: another expertise feat - talk about stealth errata!

    Meh. Nice feat. Very nice for level 15 swordmages I guess, meh all around otherwise.
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    Unicorn's Touch: Free Hit Points Every 5 Minutes?

    Meh. It'll take hours to heal a whole party. Healing surges have never been an issue for us. Course, we do the multiple rest thing to get more clerical bonuses, so this will only boost that slightly. This also doesn't scale well at all. At level 7 or so, it is just a drop in the bucket...
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    Roleplaying and Mental Health (Psychology)

    What other factors do you want to consider? For example: Setting? Would it be better to have a more modern setting, a fantasy setting, or a futuristic setting? How complicated do you want it? Some systems have more math to consider and many things going on at the same time, others have...
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    WotC: Character Builder's effect on Third Party Publishers

    Fascinating observation. Personally, there is so much crunch coming out that I can't keep up with it, let alone try to incorporate 3PP into my game. Thus, never really though about how the CB would exclude them. It is an interesting dilemma.
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    Armor Specialization (Plate)

    That's the price of being focused on AC.
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    My phone call with Creg Leeds

    Overall that's pretty cool. Pity that this thread will quickly burn into a flame wizards thread despite the effort of Brix to communicate to Mr. Leads and what he has done to listen to our concerns.
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    Character Builder Stopped my Son

    Unfortunately, I'm in teh same situation. Because of recent developments, I have to tone back on book purchases. Since I've already got DDI, I'm not really all that concerned. Works out pretty well actually. I pretty much buy books either right away or not at all. Every time I need...
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    Cruel DM stuff

    Piratecat you FIEND!
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    Sleeping In Armor

    Sleeping in armor is A-OK. Magic Armor is very comfortable, practically replaces the bedroll.