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    We Are All Neutral Survivalists: Alignment in a Complex World

    The only person who obviously searches for attacks directed at itself here is you. You bring into the whole discussion your own personal background that is not at all relevant to the matter. What for instance is the significance of your ancestors homecountry? Is there any? My point is that a...
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    We Are All Neutral Survivalists: Alignment in a Complex World

    No unfortunately I am not. Actually the examples you mentioned are a nice way to proof how that our real-world moral perceptions are in no way a fitting tool to measure morality in a heroic fantasy world. To say that Kamikaze pilots are evil (which is what you said) is a uniquely Western way and...
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    We Are All Neutral Survivalists: Alignment in a Complex World

    I just addressed your very American-centristic notion of morals and the fact that people do not live their lives in a constant ideological upheaval in the real world. Your post seems to make the point that people always know the full moral implications of their deeds even on a global scale...
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    We Are All Neutral Survivalists: Alignment in a Complex World

    I have to strongly disagree here even though it goes a bit off-topic. A kamikaze pilot may be selfless but how is he evil? Kamikaze pilots mostly did what they did having the pictures of firebombed Tôkyô or other Japanese cities in mind. They did what they did to protect their loved ones and...
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    Pathfinder 1E "Pathfinder" is the name bad marketing in the internet era?

    Just googled pathfinder and noticed something odd in the hitlist. without adding tags like "rpg" or "paizo" it appears pretty much out of sight on google. Logical since it has to compete with the Nissan Pathfinder and Pathfinder- the movie. So did Paizo think that name throughly through under...
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    "Exceptional Fluff" - the bane of RPGs (ranty)

    Whenever somebody important gets killed in a novel setting that has "Raise Dead" you would have to come up with an awful meta-explanation of why this special guy there just did not get ressurected. It destroys way more than it contributes. And you also should think about the non-gamer audience...
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    "Exceptional Fluff" - the bane of RPGs (ranty)

    Who would read a DandD novel and for what reasons? What draws you to it, is not perfect implementation of the rules into a novel (honestly, that would be a pain to read) but a setting, its characters and so on. I just get the feeling that many people get the reason why raise dead was...
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    "Exceptional Fluff" - the bane of RPGs (ranty)

    To me it boils down to the following. The whole treadment of raise dead following D and D Rules is wrong, without wanting to offend any one I think that a regulary usage of raise dead hints at bad DM-ing and bad story development. Having the ability to raise dead as some kind of normal if...
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    Mature content

    So what I think. For instance: A Campaign Setting that includes a decadent empire? Can't be totally fluffy! A book only about decadent empire's and what happens in them? Senseless!
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    Photos of the new Gnome (PHB2)

    As a guy who likes D and D to stay rather close to the literarical and mytholgical sources that preceded it, I do not like what I see. To me D and D Races should resemble the character that inspired them with room for your own imagination. Why does every Race nowadays tend to look like a...
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    Idea: D&D TV Show

    I hope a dnd show will never happen. It will almost certainly by underbudgeted und ridicule our hobby. Unless you spend in LoTR or Narnia fashion fantasy looks crappy.:.-(
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    Temporary front page

    When I viewed a thread and hit the firefox back-button it almost always hangs itself. That's new to me. Also If i viewed a thread and klick for example ENworlds General Discussion button or something like that the same problem occurs.
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    Why do people hate Elfkind?

    I thing the problem is that many has been written concerning rpg elves but they are still not understood. Many players just tend to see the pros about elves but the have strong disadvantages (based on Tolkien and Folk-Fiction). Just look into the Silmarillion for example. Yep they are strong...
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    Is D&D 4E too "far out" to expand the market easily?

    What you say about gnomes is valid for the english language, but in german for instance the garden gnome is known as zwerg= dwarf, and the gnome (german: gnom) has some air of mystery around him.
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    Is D&D 4E too "far out" to expand the market easily?

    Are the movies 1 to 3 actually Star Wars;)? I think you could do what the poster you answered to stated. Deathstar= Castle, Fast Travel= Horseback, X-Wing= jousting/ maybe some swashbuckling, Darth Vader= err Black Knight?:devil:, Alderaan= Rivendale. I mean most of the story can be easily...
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    Is D&D 4E too "far out" to expand the market easily?

    Well the Faun from Narnia is a Faun not something which has the word EEEVIIIL written all over his face. And playing an anti-hero is fine with me it just should not be core. And yes the greatest and most important part of our cultural memory dates back prior to 1900. The Faun from Narnia will...
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    Racially diverse artwork in D&D...does it influence you?

    Flavour I think whats annoying to many is that there is a cultural blurring in characters like african-looking knights. If we turn a society, which still has peasants, guilds and other european medieval stuff, into a modern multi-cultural society by changing the demographics it appears odd and...
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    Is D&D 4E too "far out" to expand the market easily?

    Its not that kids ever had a deeper understanding of mythology, but there are symbols and archetypes that belong to the words hero, adventure, quest, etc.. Horned half-humans who look evil, demonic and sinister (and every detail of their artwork so far does) and dragonmen do not match the afore...
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    Is D&D 4E too "far out" to expand the market easily?

    Woh I did not mean todays Europe. Fantasy in general is deeply inspired by mostly european myths, folkstory etc.. Examples include: fairy-tales, the Edda, the whole arthur story, the french Roland story, Beowulf, what we germans call the Nibelungenlied, ... . Even in the pagan stories I just...