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    D&D feel/fun in games without class, level, etc. (+)

    A game I haven't seen mentioned but is a blast to play that is classless and leveless is Sword of Cepheus for trad fantasy, or Barbaric for more Swords and Sorcery vibe. Do you know how to play Traveller? Yes? Cool, now you know how to play both those games. No? It's easy, 2d6+mod system versus...
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    Level Up (A5E) Epic Levels, or Prestige Classes?

    Very cool that there are Prestige classes lined up already. Will there be beyond level 20 play available though?
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    Level Up (A5E) Epic Levels, or Prestige Classes?

    Reprising Immortals is a cool idea too. Really this is a "Wouldn't beyond 20 levels be neat?" post. I'd hope that prestige classes would be either the end goal, or you look around at level 20 and see what you're qualified for and pick from a few options. Sort of in the spirit of post-level 20...
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    Level Up (A5E) Epic Levels, or Prestige Classes?

    Hey all, I know we're fresh into this thing, but I'm already thinking ahead. I backed the KS and am super excited to get playing. I am wondering if there are any plans, or ideas for post-level 20 play. Whether that is something like Epic levels, like previous editions of D&D. Mythic levels...
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    Profile Cover Photo Upload Trouble

    I am having trouble uploading a Cover Photo. The photo I am trying to upload is 250x225 pixel 20.9 KB .jpg I tried to upload it to Imgur and link it, I've tried to upload it directly from my computer. The prompt that comes up is simply "Unable to save image", Help please?
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    What paints do you use?

    This is all my opinion. Army Painter, and Vallejo. Army Painter has the best washes hands down in the miniature painting business. The Army Shades are fantastic and I won't use any other wash. Vallejo and to a lesser extent Army Painter have the best pigment to medium ratio for most colors...
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    How Many RPG Books Do You Own?

    I have three 8' by 1' shelves dedicated to rpg books, and they're full plus some I have in a stack that I am going to sell or giveaway.
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    Rules Light Games: Examples and Definitions

    When I think of games and engines that are light, I think of Microlite20, Tiny6, Fate Accelerated, Cthulhu Dark, Risus. Ultra-lights encompassing one to few page games like Lasers and Feelings. I wouldn't categorize Fate Core into a rules light game. There are too many steps, sub-systems, and...
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    Why does the stigma of the "jerk GM" still persist in our hobby?

    I agree that Jerks exist in all walks of life, I think that while talking about stereotypes that GMing can be enticing to those who feel powerless in other social situations. GMing comes with a sense of authority, not saying GMing in anyway grants authority, rather the act of creation itself...
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    Frequency of death

    Playing in D&D 5e I've had three characters die over 5th level: A 9th level Ancients Paladin was killed in a cutscene, a 12th level Shadow Sorcerer was killed by overwhelming odds trying to escape jail, and a 14th level Monk was killed off screen between sessions.
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    Best Campaign Settings to Lift From?

    I enjoy stealing things from all sorts of settings. Want a desert area? Al-Qadim, Dark Sun, Dune, Tatooine. Need some cool magical devices? Eberron, Numenera/The Strange, Final Fantasy. There is inspiration and things to steal from everywhere. My PCs just ran across a couple Devout Paladins for...
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    Why do people still play older editions of D&D? Are they superior to the current one?

    Mike Mearls on the What Would the Smart Party Do podcast recently talked about how people don't like learning new rules. Outside of communities like this, I wonder how true that is? I can say of my couple gaming groups, all but one or two of my fellow group members have ever read a rpg rulebook...
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    Do you ever "call" fights?

    I call fights, in that I end them thematically when appropriate. I don't run combats as, "combat sides fight until hp run out" or whatever the hp equivalent is in the system. Though it does depend on what the hp are attempting to convey in terms of reality. I try to play adversaries as close to...
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    What Systems Have You Had Long Term Campaigns With?

    D&D 3e, D&D 4e, D&D 5e, Mutants and Masterminds 3e, Fate Core/Accelerated, Savage Worlds, various Apocalypse Worlds games, FFG Star Wars, Genesys.
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    As a GM, how do you manage your time?

    My GMing style is a lot of improv. Most of my prep is in preparation to improv. The Prep notes that I keep behind the screen are really just lists of names, places, one sentence plot hooks, etc. The campaigns I run begin as simple ideas. My current Mutants and Masterminds campaign started as...