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  1. Humanaut

    Thought Experiment: Gestalt characters in a non-gestalt party

    I have quite the houserule set, but for my "3.5" game I use PF Slow XP chart. Multiclass PC's are treated like when we played 1e (unearthed arcana with errata). Only certain class combos allowed, and only certain races can be various combinations... just like 1e UA charts. PC's who...
  2. Humanaut

    Stupidest things PCs/DMs have done

    back in the day: Top Secret game. My agent had a flamethrower. (hey, I was in high school) Our team was by some docks, a warehouse area, and the bad guys find us and start shooting from rooftops. I respond with FIRE. I set several buildings on fire before I'm hit and the GM has the tank hit and...
  3. Humanaut

    Do you "save" the PCs?

    If the PC's make bad choices, make bad rolls, refuse to see the writing on the wall or whatever... they die.
  4. Humanaut

    D&D 3E/3.5 D&D 2.0 Multiclassing in D&D 3.5, via Gestalt rules

    Oh yes, with the PF "slow" XP charts it should be no problem to keep higher level PC's spaced single vs multiclassed. Then again, as I mentioned, in my case we usually stop somewhere around 12th level to begin a new game. My players are also cool enough that if it just goes all wrong on us...
  5. Humanaut

    D&D 3E/3.5 D&D 2.0 Multiclassing in D&D 3.5, via Gestalt rules

    My 2cp: I will be doing something similar when my current game wraps up. Only one player has access to splatbooks. I want the other players to have multiclass PC's w/o needing PrC... which I will blanket ban. Only PH races, only PC classes (3.5 PH). Multiclass options/ rules will be...
  6. Humanaut

    Punishing Your Dice

    Back in highschool, typical punishments for misbehaving dice were tossing across the room or into the freezer. Good times. :D
  7. Humanaut

    Building the Megadungeon

    I only recently found the K&K site myself, I have not tried to register. Sorry I can't help there, but someone must know...
  8. Humanaut

    Building the Megadungeon

    Great thread!!! Perhaps Grodog was refering to these links??? http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18710&sid=1c68cfc3a9e05ff3acde67252d47484c&start=15 deals with MD mapping. and http://knights-n-knaves.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=28&sid=c399a620f982f3620075060fc69cabd4...
  9. Humanaut

    What do you call your company of adventurers?

    Only twice. One time we were called The Boot Party. Another time, under a particularly killer DM, we called ourselves Meat for One Meal...
  10. Humanaut

    Possible Multiclassing Fix

    For my next campaign I'm going to try the folllowing. As an FYI, we normally never continue past 12th level, 15th being the high end before we retire PCs and start over... Multiclassing: Pick two classes when 1st level, you get the best features of each class (BAB, HD, good saves of each...
  11. Humanaut

    Spells which were not properly nerved...

    My two bits, I've always seen the save as to avoid the spell "sticking" to you. Nobody else gets a save because they can walk out of the area, however, if you are the target of the spell and fail your save you are silent no matter where you go.
  12. Humanaut

    What level is your favourite?

    My favorite spread to play and DM has always been from 2-8, with 4-7 being about perfect... so if I had to choose a number, I'd jump on the bandwagon and select 6th level. Whatever edition (but I've never played 4e).
  13. Humanaut

    Abandoned by Rogue

    If I read the post correctly, here's my two bits: If he's still a PC, then he needs to be at sessions and will probably be harrassed by wandering monsters able to Spot him. Alone, without support, I see him dying alone in the dark. Does the PC really have the resources to survive alone AND...
  14. Humanaut

    Is the time right for electronic dice?

    I love my dice, rolling dice, adding up the dice... no, I'll never give up the dice. I do however have the "dicebag" app for my iPhone that I've used when away from my dice and I'm just creating NPC's or something that I want to roll for. NOT actual gaming though. :^) I have only been to...
  15. Humanaut

    Prestige class for dwarf cleric?

    I don't have my books here, but how would a Pious Templar fit? If I remember, full BAB, d10 HP, Mettle, Specialization with deity's weapon and some spellcasting (Paladin list I think). Complete Divine I do believe.
  16. Humanaut

    Dice Mojo Rituals

    I had a friend in highschool who regularly flung dice that rolled bad, maybe he'd find them later. He would also put dice in the freezer as punishment for bad rolling dice.
  17. Humanaut

    Players Who Are Just Goofs

    About 20-25 yrs ago in highschool, I had a cleric about 6th level, we were all in a series of tunnels under a city, sewers and ancient crypts. There was this low howl or hum. Eventually we came to a large room with a cage, in it was a bizzare looking creature and source of the cry... so we...
  18. Humanaut

    On Sneak Attacks and Criticals

    Well, the frustrations of my friend's rogue at Geekfest4 partially came from the adventure the DM used: a FR tearing the Weave for the Shadow Weave thing (i'm not FR savy). Anywho, lots of creatures with darkness miss chance, displacement, or undead/ constructs. The long sessions for a week...
  19. Humanaut

    On Sneak Attacks and Criticals

    I recently had some personal insight on this, that I'll bring to my game: Normally I only get to play about 1/month, however, I recently came back from GeekFest 4... a week of DnD with my old highschool friends. While there we had one guy who played a rogue. We probably had 1-2 major fights...
  20. Humanaut

    Vault of the Drow found: in Vietnam !

    GIANT CAVE PICTURES: World's Biggest Found in Vietnam Pretty, kewl eh?