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    D&D General Using Tarot Cards in D&D

    I'm just here to give a shout out to Old Gods of Appalachia, the podcast. :) I haven't tried the game yet, but I am curious.
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    D&D 5E Shape Water, glowing water

    I wouldn't say so, RAW or RAI, and I would even have to be convinced to let it by way of "rule of cool". I do wonder what the application of the glowing water would be. Can you share why someone wanted to make water glow? I'll disagree with aco175 about it being useless. I mean, it's a cantrip...
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    All Marvel TV Shows, Ranked

    I'm really glad I'm seeing love for Legion. I loved that show. I was expecting a normal superhero show and 2 episodes in I stopped it and told my wife she had to come watch. She's generally not into superhero shows, but we were both all in on that one. It's kinda like if David Lynch did a...
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    D&D General D&D magic inspired by...

    These are amazing!
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    Have you ever had a real experience you consider to be supernatural?

    I have two "ghost stories" I experienced that I can't explain, but I sit on both sides of this discussion- I believe people really do have experiences that can be called paranormal or supernatural, but I also believe that these things will someday be quantifiable, repeatable, and able to be...
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    D&D 5E Barding for War Dogs; 6000gp for Plate Barding???

    Yeah, that seems more reasonable to me. Also, I wonder if the armor could be engineered in some way that it actually supports the back and makes having a rider less of a burden on the spine. I now have head cannon about a Dwarven smith, a Gnomish artificer and a Halfling paladin starting a...
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    D&D 5E Barding for War Dogs; 6000gp for Plate Barding???

    Well, sure, but that doesn't look like heavy plate and there's no rider. :) But like I said, I'm definitely no expert and haven't really looked into it.
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    D&D 5E Barding for War Dogs; 6000gp for Plate Barding???

    I remember when I worked in the pet industry hearing that adult, active dogs can carry no more than 25% of their weight without risking injury. In my mind, it's pushing things to even consider having a fully armored Halfling on a dog for any period of time, and then to add plate armor as well...
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    RPG Evolution: So You Got a Bad Review

    Two times when I've reviewed D&D adventures sent to me through my website come to mind. With one, I gave a good review and then just mentioned that a font used in info boxes was hard to read. The author got back to me and let me know they changed the font and asked if I could update the review...
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    D&D 5E Bugbear creature entry (from folklore)

    I like it. I'm always amused by original folklore traditions versus how D&D changed them. For example, if most players had to face folklore Kobolds, they'd be screwed.
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    Wheel of Time - No Spoilers

    I'm enjoying the show. As I've mentioned in various places, I see it as an alternative world, or different spin of the wheel, from the books I've read- there are similarities and the story has many common elements, but it's a different world. That said, I do feel like a lot of the things that I...
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    D&D General I can't understand why Gygax split a given stat into Str and Con

    I would say Jack Daniel is helping, by providing context on the original concepts of the stat scores.
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    D&D 5E What If Ranged Wpn Attacks Used Wisdom?

    I just started playing in a game using Knave rules and it has Wisdom as the ranged weapon stat. It works pretty well, I think.
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    Wheel of Time - No Spoilers

    I enjoyed the episodes I've seen. I see it as something like an alternative universe version of the books I read and it's all works better. Although, I did think the introduction of Thom Merrilin was kind of terrible, but it's okay. It's fun either way. I agree with Rand's look not fitting with...
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    Idea for a genuinely horrifying horror campaign...

    Huh. I must be odd. I totally don't mind bait and switch. I mean, as long as it's done well, it's fine with me. Of course, there would be huge potential for it to be done really badly and become annoying, but I really trust my regular group, so I don't think it would be obnoxious. For a stranger...
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    D&D 5E For Players: What makes an encounter "scary"?

    Tension and build up. The story can drive the fear (the fun kind) better than the mechanics and combat in my experience. Also, use the environment- chasms, blocked exits, rope bridges, echos... all sorts of fun options that have nothing to do with monster stats.
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    D&D 5E Fix 5e.... in one sentence

    "Don't worry about it and just have fun"
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    D&D General Has D&D abandoned the "martial barbarian"?

    What class would Conan the "Barbarian" even be? Not really a barbarian, given none of the paths make sense. Maybe a fighter that chooses not to wear armor and has a level dip in rogue?
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    D&D 5E Humans Only

    Right this very moment, I'm sitting in an airbnb our group got for 4 days so that we could finally meet in person for the first time in more than a year. This Human-only campaign was supposed to be a one-shot and turned out to be one of our favorite games and has been running for 2 years. It's...
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    Cat Advice (very off topic)

    +1 on checking with a vet. My wife had a cat when I met her that was vicious, like left scars on people. He also had urinary tract issues and was in pain a lot of the time. After we got together we got him on a better diet and the stones stopped being an issue, and he ended up being a loving...