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  1. Celia_Gyweth

    Help? Character is illegal ...

    You ARE alive Neo! Sorry to hear your having DM issues with your connections. But I'm glad to see your still alive. Was kinda wondering where you had been :)
  2. Celia_Gyweth

    Gripes, Loves and Whines

    My first gripe is Strongholds. Following the advice of a fellow player, I made sure I was IN my stronghold when leaving the game. Even so during the last re-set, I lost not only my Stronghold, but the 2.9 mil gold I paid for it. Not to mention the other stronghold bug. When I first bought it, I...
  3. Celia_Gyweth

    Getting Annihilated in Starting Town?

    Or try... The ah er...Infested Barn in Shorline. Belive it or not, the first few areas are not tough, and it's just ants with no spells. I tried going there at hmm 3rd? level with Vel, my ranger, and wished I'd started there first. No loot, but VERY good XP. Just dont go too far west or south...
  4. Celia_Gyweth

    CEP Issues

    I'm curious... Some of you play NWN in multiplayer mode online, via dial-up? That seems rather impossible to me, so perhaps I am not reading recent posts properly?
  5. Celia_Gyweth

    CHAINMAIL is now permanently active!

    Something is wrong! Oddly enough, I am seeing the same problem, and so is someone else on the server. Current time: 9:14 EST USA. Guards are missing in several towns, no spawns are occuring, and many perm merchents are missing.
  6. Celia_Gyweth

    CHAINMAIL is now permanently active!

    Alright, here is the Skinny-DM's and Users, please read. In some of my recent posts, I've mentioned a .pdf. Some of you might recall the .pdf of the Forgotten Forest maps that I uploaded months ago. If I personally have trouble with something not related to actually melee encounters, and I...
  7. Celia_Gyweth

    CHAINMAIL is now permanently active!

    2nd Level for new Charecters I started a new charecter (Vel, Human, currently 5th level Ranger). I did not see any options for gaining a level with any NPC. I suppose (with the gold I have now), that Vel could take ship to Fontessa City, and speak to the caption on THAT ship, but it's probably...
  8. Celia_Gyweth

    What I want our PW to be(A Poll) [UPDATE - CHAINMAIL DECIDED]

    Well well... I managed to play for about 4 hours before loosing my net connection (for 20 minutes! grrr), and have to say it's looking decent enough. Should know one mind, in a week or two I'll post a .pdf to notes I've taken. They won't be spoilers, just stuff to help newbies get adjusted...
  9. Celia_Gyweth

    [PoA] So did anyone actually get the Crown?

    Ew. I belive there was a bit of that going on, on the server I was on, but keeping track was horrible, because EVERYONE "shouted". So the chat window was constantly diluged with all the lame players talking about being killed, or people wanting help powerleveling, etc. I liked the LOTR theme...
  10. Celia_Gyweth

    What I want our PW to be(A Poll) [UPDATE - CHAINMAIL DECIDED]

    Wish I'd thought of that. Although I did bring a low level charecter into Lodor as well. And had similar problems as you describe above. Yuck! I do wonder though, how Morrus will handle our charecters from PoA. Will he run Chainmail in "allow local charcter" mode for a few days, or do...
  11. Celia_Gyweth

    What I want our PW to be(A Poll) [UPDATE - CHAINMAIL DECIDED]

    Indeed! I'm a tad confused. When I took Celia into Lodor, she lost all her items and gold. When I brought her back into PoA, she only had what she brought with her from Lodor. What is this I hear about charecters from other mods having money after Lodor? It's great seeing you all too. It...
  12. Celia_Gyweth

    [PoA] So did anyone actually get the Crown?

    gosh, hi! This kind of response to a mod bothers me. Why in the world would a party of high level charecters not be able to get through the main quest? It just seems absurd. I sorta of gave up on POA when I realized that soloing after 18th level was pointless (for several reasons), and I was...
  13. Celia_Gyweth

    What I want our PW to be(A Poll) [UPDATE - CHAINMAIL DECIDED]

    Just curious I'm wondering what folks are going to do once Chainmail goes live. Are you going to bring your leveled charcter in from PoA/Lodor and rampage the world of Chainmail, or start fresh? Personally, I'll prolly do a bit of both, but I'm curious to know what others are planning on...
  14. Celia_Gyweth

    What I want our PW to be(A Poll) [UPDATE - CHAINMAIL DECIDED]

    I'm readly Yep, I haven't been around much since I had to move. But I have been reading the forums and tested Lodor. ICK. Since my 19th level Wizard/Fighter has lost all items and gold due to Lodor, Celia hasn't much had a foot to stand on. But she is ready. Plus her user will probably start...
  15. Celia_Gyweth

    Please download this Hak-Pak!

    Lol Really! I couldn't help but look at the name of the file, and was daunted! But..it's installed, and it didn't eat my computer system..so fear not, Youspoonybard :)
  16. Celia_Gyweth

    Blindness/darkness bug

    similiar problem I was in the north map of the Forgotten Forest, and when I came back to town, darkness was still cast on my charecter, but there was no icon showing that effect. I logged out, and then back in, and everything was fine. Just an FYI.
  17. Celia_Gyweth

    Grave Headstone (Hero Stone item)-Cant Leave

    Several people who have the Hero Stone have tried leaving the town area via the Grave Headstone in the cemetary. When a char walks to the object, the game says this: The object is busy and cant talk to you right now. And this not during combat, and nothing else odd appears to be happening in...
  18. Celia_Gyweth

    [NWN] Shall we use the Community Expansion Pack (CEP)

    Morrus, you rock! I hope everyone seconds the great honor we have to be on a server with such a hard working DM. Huzzah!
  19. Celia_Gyweth

    Forgotten Forest Maps (some spoilage)

    cool beans Thanks Chaz...:) Personally, I was finding that Forest really annoying, and since i get killed 85% of the time trying to GET there, I'd make it easier to find things once I got to the forest. So, whoever finds it usefull, enjoy :)
  20. Celia_Gyweth

    Forgotten Forest Maps (some spoilage)

    Attached here is a PDF of the Forgotten Forest maps. This is designed for those who hate navigating the area, but are familiar with all aspects of the Staff quest. If your not familiar with the particulars of this quest, do not go here alone. It took me about 3 hours today to do this, and I...