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  1. Oreot

    OD&D Dave Arneson's Origins 1977 Tournament

    This article explains it a bit. http://mrlizard.com/reviews-and-walkthroughs/a-brief-digression-princecon-3/ "a point-based magic system, which is described herein. It actually made it a bit tougher to be a magic user, as spells typically took a full round to cast and then went off the next...
  2. Oreot

    The Blades Know What You Did In The Dark

    You should be taking lots of scratches and debilitation, have you played this? I'm no expert, played a short campaign and it was no carefree joyride. [Edit]: Also, clocks can have different amounts of segments and are only for tracking long term projects, they need not apply to every...
  3. Oreot

    Journey To...Mesoamerica

  4. Oreot

    Xanathar's War Mage is Gandalf, Dr Strange, and Elric

    I like the idea, would've liked it more as a front line Sorc subclass. Innate casting plus martial training ala the 3.5 War Mage.
  5. Oreot

    Adjusting Monsters for Faster Combat

    You are correct, math FAIL. Removed previous post.
  6. Oreot

    Adjusting Monsters for Faster Combat

    Removed because it was a stupid question and I had a severe brain fart. Nothing to see here, move along. :P
  7. Oreot

    Origin of D&D words/names?

    I know the Gith were lifted from science fiction as well.
  8. Oreot

    KotSF out of game asides, help me find the post

    Ah Ha! Thanks a million! We got to just the perfect spot for this and stopped. TY TY TY!
  9. Oreot

    KotSF out of game asides, help me find the post

    Hi, sorry, quick question, I suck at searching but the forum and I remember a KotSF thread where a guy was talking about he used to play white wolf and one of the things he took away from that was asides where it was out of game knowledge but it helped define the villains and he gave some...
  10. Oreot

    Perception clarification

    Yeah, passive perception is a bit confusing to me too, this came up with some floor tile traps I ran. The best thing I could figure was if he had line of sight (the high percept player) then he might notice something odd about the floor in the spot he could see and on his turn make an active...
  11. Oreot

    D&D 4E Mixed bag of 4e questions

    I saw that but the wording seemed odd and was causing some confusion as to what was a different source etc... with my players. Thanks.
  12. Oreot

    D&D 4E Mixed bag of 4e questions

    Fantastic, thanks for the quick reply. #1 surprises me but I guess that is a hold over from 3.5 where it was separate.
  13. Oreot

    D&D 4E Mixed bag of 4e questions

    My players have some questions they want answered before we start our campaign, it’s a mixed bag, I will ask them then give my interpretation. Sorry if these are a little odd, I was asked to post them. 1.)Can players craft wondrous items with the enchant ritual. Me: no, you cant...
  14. Oreot

    Monstrous Races for PCs wishlist

    One order of Kenku pls. Hilarious roleplay once find a way to get them out of the aerie. And a damn fine rogue to boot. I know its not phb 1 but this is all I really want off the top of my head.
  15. Oreot

    Coolest Dragons...

    Wow! Totally forgot about Ruth, its been so long since I read Anne McCaffrey! I always wanted a fire lizard like the ones in dragon song. Ruth was soo pimp though.
  16. Oreot

    Green Dragon

    I really like what Klaus posted, especially the first sketch, upper left. I like that view the best because it seems the nose horn protrudes forward more than straight up like it kinda looks in the other views, all of its fantastic though, love the body and frills, not sold on the wings 100%...
  17. Oreot

    Green Dragon

    I actually really like the look of the Blue, its my favorite dragon, but this guy looks terrible. I agree he'd look better if he looked more like a poisonous snake, maybe get that triangular head and fangs with a long neck, sleek body, that could've been sweet.
  18. Oreot

    New planes?

    Plane of Lava: You Die. No save. (sorry, had to say it...)
  19. Oreot

    So, eladrin's can teleport around? ..nail...coffin...rogue already obsolete?

    I imagine the Eladrin's ability is something similar to the "jaunt" (conj specialization) alternate class feature for wizards in the PHB2. Ten foot limited times a day. Not saying its ten foot but that its wont be "teleport" or "dimension door." Thats the impression that I get.
  20. Oreot

    Monster reprints since MM2?

    My friends and I were just talking about this like two sessions ago. My DM said he would like to see MMII and maybe Fiend folio in 3.5 flavor. Then we were discussing a monster compendium and how nice it would be to put all the random monsters from the backs of all the "splash" books or...