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  1. Woundweaver

    WOIN Knife hand strike

    The karate career exploit knife hand strike says you stun a target with a successful hit. I am guessing that it should be apply the dazed condition?
  2. Woundweaver

    Is it always like this?

    I am a GM. I know all and see all (or at least have an incredibly high bluff skill). ;) In Len's case 3 of his 4 players are GMs. Two of them are the group's regular GMs. So going down the rabbit hole is a fairly common affair for two of us. Honestly, I've found when I'm doing a good job as...
  3. Woundweaver

    WOIN W.O.I.N. Healing Attribute Damage

    The rule I was presenting on Friday was not your END dice but the dice from the affected attribute. Your dice for the reverse countdown would be your current attribute dice for the affected attribute, plus dice any doctor’s Logic plus medicine skill roll. The heal magic skill will also give...
  4. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B

    Pg. 107 If not otherwise specified, a stored spell is usable once per day and requires two actions to activate. Casting spells got changed to one action, my guess is this should also be one action. As an observation, the cost for general customization seems high. An example is disease, as a...
  5. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B

    On page 66 it states Equipment (use only one) ► For Melee Defense, the quality of your weapon, armor, or shield can be used. ► For Ranged Defense, the quality of your armor or shield can be used. ► You can only benefit from high quality equipment (including armor) up to your skill level...
  6. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B

    On page 75 under selling gear is states "Items can normally be sold to an appropriate buyer for half their listed value" However, on page 241 under Storeroom "Usually, unwanted magic items are traded in for one-fifth of their market value. However, if you have a storeroom, you can trade...
  7. Woundweaver

    WOIN Spell Questions

    Perhaps I'm reading this incorrectly, but the spell watery grave on pg 216 of OLD-HB-ONS-v1_2-draft06 seems like you could for very few MPs destroy a castle. Turn 5' high by 50 foot diameter section of a bulding's wall to water from 100 ft away. Or even clear out a dungeon by turning the upper...
  8. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B

    Having played with a Goblin character the last couple of months. It seems that goblin pack attack (pg 29) transforms a goblin into the best warrior in the group. This is especially true is other characters have animal companions as it adds yet another ally (and another +1d6) for the goblin...
  9. Woundweaver

    WOIN Dual wielding and Weapon size question

    While +1d6 works fine for oversized weapons, i’m not sure that -1d6 works best for undersized since some weapons would now do no damage. I may houserule that undersized weapons do -1 damage on each d6 of damage with a minimum 1 per die. The other possibility is simply house ruling that...
  10. Woundweaver

    WOIN Dual wielding and Weapon size question

    Not really, since it begs the question why wouldn't every person buy an undersized weapon if it does the same damage as the regular sized weapon, costs the same, weighs less and is more concealable due to being a smaller size.
  11. Woundweaver

    WOIN Dual wielding and Weapon size question

    A couple questions 1. Oversized weapons add an extra d6 to damage, are undersized weapons supposed to remove a d6 of damage? It just states that An undersized weapon is one size category smaller and weighs half the regular weapon. It seems like it is advantageous to have undersized weapons...
  12. Woundweaver

    WOIN First WOIN Session: Are the baddies too tough?

    Hey Ruy343, I also ran my group through our first WOIN session (I was using the O.L.D. 1.2 playtest rules instead of N.O.W.). We found that once you started using tactics like flanking and crossfires it helped a lot. Plus one character going on overwatch while another works on pinning down a...
  13. Woundweaver

    WOIN Ambush Round and AoE

    Those rules seem to be the old rules rather than the newer 1.2 rules. Under the 1.2 rules it is groups vs groups rather than individuals vs individuals. The WOIN reference documents for ambush do not look to have been updated with the newer 1.2 rules for ambush. If you look up ambush in the...
  14. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. Battle mage questions

    A couple questions about the battle mage artillery exploit 1. I assume it uses MAG like most other caster types do? 2. Is the “You can call down fire or lightning (your choice) from the heavens “ meant to suggest it can only be used outdoors? Or is it just flavour text?
  15. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version B

    The section on flavouring your magic will need to be changed (pg 166). High Magic not needing skills doesn’t make sense anymore since skills are not needed to cast spells.
  16. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D naval combat

    In a high magic world they should work fine. Starship shields as magical ship shields and ships thrusts being magically powered rather than sail and wind. A low magic setting might take a bit more reworking.
  17. Woundweaver

    WOIN O.L.D naval combat

    I was wondering if there are any O.L.D. Naval combat rules or if anyone has homebrewed any?
  18. Woundweaver

    Pathfinder 1E Rules for catching a Returning Dagger.

    I agree, in my campaign it returns in time for iterative attacks, but a snatch arrow feat breaks the return ability. Many feats "break" the rules and I see no reason why this one shouldn't in this limited context especially considering it is the second feat in a chain and its entire purpose is...
  19. Woundweaver

    Pathfinder 1E Rules for catching a Returning Dagger.

    But if you snatch arrow feat and throw it back it should return back to the snatcher at the beginning of snatcher's next turn. After all the returning ability works for the snatcher.
  20. Woundweaver

    Pathfinder 1E Am I ready for Pathfinder, and if not, when?

    Glad you found another system that you liked. Pathfinder isn't that complicated. The biggest problems my group had was thinking certain iconic spells worked the same in 3.5 and PF. Also if you find certain things you liked in 4e, there is nothing stopping you from bringing it over to...