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    Crazed Gamers Celebrate 40 Years at Gen Con

    They are both original characters :-) The Mad Scientist is Axion of Evil (Aka Randal Cox) from the Evil team of Evil - http://evilgeniusofevil.com/ and the Lizard Man is Draggor (aka Ross Davidson), Nascrag's official Gen Con Event Organizer. I'm the victim in the middle - Dave Mitchard
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    Crazed Gamers Celebrate 40 Years at Gen Con

    Hi guys! Our scoring system at Nascrag is based on two parts: Objective and Roleplaying. Objective points are how well you did in the adventure. Did you solve the Riddle or Puzzle without a hint? Did you avoid the pointless combat by tricking the trolls? It's about accomplishing goals and...
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    Pathfinder 1E Something Weird at Gen Con 50

    They published my article about Gen Con 50 and the 38th anniversary of the Nascrag Pathfinder tournament on RPGnet this morning. It's a fun read if you're a fan of Gen Con or just an old school gamer in general. https://www.rpg.net/columns/oneshot/oneshot27.phtml
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    D&D Open "The Soulbound Tomb" - anyone played it?

    Huh. How'd I miss that? Thanks!
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    [UPDATED] WotC & Goodman Games Partner To Reprint Classic Modules for 5E

    You can pick up the originals at the GenCon auction (or on Ebay) for a dollar or two, used. The conversion isn't that hard. The question becomes what other value or quality is being added.
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    D&D Open "The Soulbound Tomb" - anyone played it?

    I noticed the Open wasn't listed for Origins this year - 2017. Did it move? Hasbrocon perhaps? Or is it on hiatus again?
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    GenCon 2009 Event Submission

    If you're an actor/Roleplayer, you'll love Nascrag. We've been running roleplaying based adventures for 30 years now! However, we are running a D+D 3.5 edition adventure this year - not 4.0. But we aren't so much about the rules anyway. Role-playing over roll-playing! :-) Check out...
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    Newbie latecomer question

    Come play in the Nascrag Tournament! We alsways have room for people since we bring so many judges. And if you do well you can play in the second and possibly even thrid rounds on Saturday. Check out www.nascrag.org for more details. Or search for Nascrag on www.wikipedia.org
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    2007 Master Game/Event Schedule

    Nascrag schedule Nascrag isn't really unscheduled, It just didn't fall into a single category. Here's the start times: Round One RPG00535 Thursday, August 16, 2006 5:00 pm. - 9:00 pm. RPG00536 Thursday, August 16, 2006 9:00 pm. - 1:00 am. RPG00537 Friday, August 17, 2006 1:00 pm. - 5:00...
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    Nascrag Presents: A Little Revenge

    Hi guys. I just wanted to start a thread letting the EN Worlders know about the Nascrag event at GenCon. This is actually a sanctioned GenCon event, but we have enough judges that if you show up at one of our start times with some generic tickets, you can be almost certain to get a seat at the...
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    Gen Con Reports?

    I had an absolute blast (as usual) at GenCon. Most of my time was spent running Nascrag events, but I did manage to get in some time in the dealer room and one True Dungeon run. True Dungeon really has to drop the reliance on spoken riddles. They're just too hard to hear and work on. And...
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    Article on Gen Con in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

    I admit I'm a little biased about this article. I wrote the Nascrag tournament last year, so it was exciting to see the details of my adventure in print. And, by his own admission, he enjoyed the game. I met him and the rest of the team after the award ceremony last year. He certainly seemed...