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    Level Up (A5E) Thoughts on A5E classes from your table(s)?

    It's worth keeping in mind that Stunning Assault often locks down more than one opponent. A 5th level PC on a mount attacking with a shield as a bonus action can potentially lock down 2-3 enemies in a round, especially on the 2nd go since the enemies will be easier to hit as they are stunned...
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    Level Up (A5E) Thoughts on A5E classes from your table(s)?

    Stunning Assault is so offensive, the fighter with stunning assault definitely dominates at my table, and it's gotten to the point where it warps the design of encounters considerably. I'm actually working on a combat maneuver template that I'm planning to apply to a lot of monsters primarily to...
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    Level Up (A5E) Warlock Pact Weapon + Wand of the Warmage

    So the Warlock Pact of the Blade let's you spend an hour transforming a magic weapon into a pact weapon, which let's you apply the attack and damage bonuses of a ranged weapon to Eldritch Ray. Does anyone know of those bonuses stack with the spell attack bonus and ability to ignore half cover...
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    Level Up (A5E) Ranger gets a lot of attack bonuses...

    If you pick up the Deadeye feat, that's a great way to massively increase your damage output (reduce attack roll by proficiency to get double proficiency in damage rolls). There's also a Fletcher archetype that gets special arrows.
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    WotC's D&D Virtual Table Cancelled

    GameTable Online picking up the VT management I am with GameTable Online, the developers of the D&D Virtual Table. While Wizards is dropping the VT, we are trying to take over hosting it. While both of our companies are on board with the idea, the legal and tech arrangements still have to be...
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    KotS Total-Party-Kill!!

    I'm so glad to hear my group wasn't the only one with a TPK. That kobold adventure is HARD. We took down Irontooth, but when we looked around there were still half a dozen kobolds left and we had pretty much used all our encounter and daily powers! The final encounter is VERY HARD too.