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    RPG Evolution: The AI DM in Action

    So much support for this comment. They identified that dms buy most of the product and support things and then sort of planned to replace them in the hope they make everybody a player? Dunno how planning to replace the most invested part of a fan base or turn them into the people you found out...
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    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    Thanks, this is the most clear difference explanation so far. I can see how tastes would be divided due to that difference in focus.
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    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    So does the CG ruleset add mechanics that add to the horror, or to the realism? What mechanics would you point to in the original system that lends and elevates the themes? I guess I'm curious becuase I get that it has a zweiander ruleset but people must have know it would when advertised. So is...
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    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    Can someone explain to me without dancing around the point why people feel like FoF is different (and by implication of the posters, inferior) to CG? Was it just mechanics or something more?
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    Meet Our Columnists: Andrew "Corone" Peregrine

    As someone who left the theatre to move into writing and Rpg stuff, I absolutely feel their pain. The lockdowns changed so many people's lives, it's where I started to go professional with DMing and found I was able to earn more than my day job. So many people's plans were also halted or...
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    Meet Our Columnists: Andrew "Corone" Peregrine

    Met Andrew at indiecon over a decade ago and had a wonderful chat about a game he was planning set in an theatre. Years later seeing Opera House being published made me smile.
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    The Rise And Fall Of Evil Genius Games

    I always did wonder how they were funding all that licencing and still making bank, as someone who at one point was thinking of working for them, it looks like I dodged a bullet. Thank you for a well researched and thorough article. This is what games journalism looks like.
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    Meet Our Columnists: Charles Dunwoody

    As a Geek Native columnist, it's nice to see us getting the mention here.
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    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    I think that 'zombies are a obstacle survivors are the issue' is what they're aiming for. So in that, they kidna did succeed in capturing the show faithfully, even if you didn't like it.
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    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    You don't need a mechanic, but if you spend all your time roleplaying without a mechanic, then the game isn't doing that for you, you are. Then it could be any game. I'm not saying it's special. But I'm saying hacking dnd (for example) would not provide a similar play experience. An actual...
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    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    I think specifically in the rules implementation of the anchor mechanic does tie the focus of the game more concretely into it being about communities. When a mechanic is created, players often engage with a thing in a different way - that's why something like pbta mechanises only the focused...
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    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    That doesn't deliver this experience though. The focus here is on mechanised interpersonal drama and like three hit death with undead as a natural force. Like I own a number of gritty games (Zweihander, Wfrp, wild talents, mork borg, vast grim, to some extent cthulhu) but that isn't really what...
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    The Walking Dead Universe RPG: An Interview with Nils Hintze

    I mean, I can run fantasy adventures with lots of systems. It doesn't mean they offer the same experience. What system do you think would offer a similar feeling experience?
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    Ben Riggs: 'The Golden Age of TTRPGs is Dead'

    Counter argument: the golden age of the rpg art form shouldn't be connected to the financial success of any company. If its reduced to just a handful of people making zines for each other like is was in the 70s, then it's not going to affect my current stash of games. I can still persuade people...
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    TTRPG Freelancer Writer/Editor Rate Survey

    The survey asks if you were paid royalties only and then still asks for a rate at the end. I answered zero for the contract that happened in but just making you aware that could affect numbers.
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    Worlds of Design: All Your Base

    Of all the rpgs I run, d&d parties tend to be the most nomadic. They have scattered throughout the world various settlements they return to once they have faster travel abilities. Usually ones that they have helped and feel at home in and contain npcs they have forged bonds with. But mostly...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Out-Gunned, Army Men, Devilry, and more

    But hasbro has only bought like one rpg company. It's not like they are out there hoovering competition up by buying them. Like name an rpg they bought wholesale in the last ten years?
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    RPG Evolution - The AI DM: The Downside of Free

    This is a really interesting idea becuase it means that things released under creative commons (a very anti corporate control idea) is now inverted to being the thing most likely to feed a corporate tool.
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    Walking dead rpg by modiphius (kickstarter with predicted availability in Autumn 2023) Edit: on rereading the link this is likely fulfilment so won't count.
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    Dragonlance Free Monstrous Compendium Volume II Includes Dragon Highlord Verminaard

    I know it's unlikely they'll give us a pdf and I get why but it is is infuriating. I was sort of looking forward to printing these our and binding them like the old compendium.