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  1. Cmarco

    World setting, and your upcoming plans...

    I plan on running my homebrew world, as I have since 2nd Edition, but I'm probably going to be jumping the timeline ahead, to a point when the Empire of Dragons (it's been there since it's inception) and the Empire of Fiends (about the time 3e began I also added a fiend-worshipping empire) have...
  2. Cmarco

    4e Battle Music! My Dilemma.

    I find Apocalyptica works pretty well. Also, without the theme tracks, Star Wars soundtracks are good and the official D&D soundtrack still does pretty good. Come to think of it, the soundtrack to God of War and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children are good too. Just sayin' :D
  3. Cmarco

    D&D 4E No Roleplaying XP in 4e

    Typically, I don't hand out roleplaying experience. I do, however, let the players vote at the end of the night as to who has earned the "good roleplaying" reward. I attempted a few times to hand out free-hand roleplaying experience, but the PCs didn't like it, because they felt they all...
  4. Cmarco

    Daily Art Preview

    Gigantic horned beast? Check. Maw filled with razor-sharp teeth? Check. Destruction of a civilized location? Check. Yup. It's the tarrasque.
  5. Cmarco

    D&D 4E Who plans to publish 4e stuff? I do!

    I am currently working on a 200+ page campaign guide for my home game. I would love to see it published as a full-blown 4e setting (we've been running campaigns in this setting since 2e, but I just want to codify it). I have every confidence that it would be a great published setting, but that's...
  6. Cmarco

    D&D 4E Saurials in 4e?

    I enjoyed the little role-playing abilities of the saurials (IE: projecting smells which indicate mood), and I like the concept of Dragonbait. I would hope that somewhere down the line they present the saurials as an optional race on DDI, but right now I wouldn't hold my breath. Still, cool idea.
  7. Cmarco

    D&D 4E "4E sucks" decry gnomes, half-orcs (humor)

    Um... Keep on the Borderlands originally happened in the World of Mystara...It didn't get bumped over to Greyhawk until years later. Though I would like to see Mystara again... :D
  8. Cmarco

    An open letter to DnDInsider

    There's a frisbee golf course right down the street from my place. It's a fun game, but it really does open you up for a whole day of slacking off ;)
  9. Cmarco

    Are you going to buy an EXTRA copy of the PHB?

    I simply wound up with two copies of the PHB. I only bought one, but ended up with two.
  10. Cmarco

    How Are You Passing the Time Until June?

    Working on Living Forgotten Realms is consuming the bulk of my free time, these days. Aside from that, I will be working on updating my homebrew setting, getting plans for a 4e campaign in order, and prepping for my summer workload.
  11. Cmarco

    D&D 4E 4E: BBEG's Redemption?

    I loved that finale. Let me know how it turns out for you. Quite satisfying. :D
  12. Cmarco

    D&D 4E 4E: BBEG's Redemption?

    Augh, it was awful. The PCs were all very high level, and ready to fight the main villain, a very powerful wizard. The party wizard wins initiative, drops an antimagic field on the villain, and the other characters surged forward (I tell you, overland flight, displacement, mage armor and...
  13. Cmarco

    New Information from the UK

    A warinja? That's almost as awesome as Chuck Norris (it's his birthday today, by the way). I can just see it now... the only thing that can get the drop on a ninja is a warinja... :p
  14. Cmarco

    D&D 4E 4E: BBEG's Redemption?

    Let's not forget how much it sucks when your players drop an antimagic field on a spellcasting villain, and proceed to just hack him to pieces... ruined the final encounter of my campaign a couple of years ago.
  15. Cmarco

    4th Edition Gods

    Quite right. Tharizdun has been called The Chained God, The Elder Elemental Eye, The Dark God, He of Eternal Darkness, and the Black Sun... I'm sure I missed a couple of other names, but those are good for starters.
  16. Cmarco

    What are Minions anyway?

    100% agreement. I love the idea of minions.
  17. Cmarco

    Classic warriors: Warlords or Fighters?

    Bruenor, the Lord of Blades, and Yolande are probably all warlord-types. Bruenor might be a fighter-warlord multiclass type. Obmi strikes me as a fighter-rogue type, actually. He's a liar, a backstabber, and basically an assassin. Robilar, Warduke, Erac's Cousin, and Cattie-Brie are likely all...
  18. Cmarco

    Here's a list of published settings. Which are good for the PoL style?

    Hey, it's all good. Scarred, Sundered, Shattered... all "S" words that mean similar things. But, yeah, I really liked the Sundered Empire as a setting (ran a 3e campaign during the war, as an evil group unrelated to the factions attempted to use the war to further their own ends). I think the...
  19. Cmarco

    Here's a list of published settings. Which are good for the PoL style?

    I downloaded the Chainmail core book from Paizo.com for about $4. I also have every issue of Dragon magazine with information on the setting. Additionally, the extra rulebooks for other parts of the Chainmail setting can be tracked down on Amazon.com for really cheap. I have also written a lot...
  20. Cmarco

    Here's a list of published settings. Which are good for the PoL style?

    Yeah! The way I see it, to make it really "points of light", you'd have to finish off the wars between all the factions. The high elves (eladrin) would retreat back to their mountain strongholds (which are shielded from the world with massive invisibility spells and other such "beneath-notice"...