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    D&D General D&D Pronunciation Guide

    Just dropping a note about Gwenhwyvar: Although it is another spelling of Guinevere, it is not pronounced that way—just as the Celtics basketball team are the SELL-ticks, not the KELL-ticks. (Here's a link about that.) It is pronounced more like its is spelled, although the second W might be...
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    Complete Disagreement With Mike on Monsters (see post #205)

    That's not quite right. Monsters will be designed for their most likely use. Many monsters will have several different stat blocks for different monster uses (something like goblin warrior vs. goblin shaman vs. goblin assassin). That way a DM can use the monster (or a group of the monsters with...
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    Sad Day In Syracuse

    Twilight Closing I worked at Twilight for about three years and a friend of mine worked there up until it shut down. Frankly, Twilight always felt like it was limping along no matter how well it seemed to be doing to customers. Like many game/hobby/comic shops, the owner started it out of a...
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    Undermountain - Temple to Loviator? - my players stay out!

    The original Undermountain boxed set has an encounter revolving around the idea of the "temple," but it's not very detailed. Mainly, there's a fight with orcs working for High Whipmaster Hlethvagi Anteos who uses some parts of Undermountain to have meetings and to hide contraband. There's also...
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    Dragon #321 contents and Dungeon #113 preview

    Doh! Sorry about that Nick! Rest assured; the article is properly attributed.
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    Pathfinder 1E Paizo - Scourge of Old Worlds?

    Paizo is Not Revamping Planescape Hi guys. I love this discussion. It's exactly the kind of debate that should occur around such core elements of the game. But I want to make it clear that Paizo is not revamping Planescape and has no plans to do so. The comments in my editorial are about the...
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    Too much crunch in Dragon? A few people have mentioned their dissatisfaction with Dragon because of its "tool kit" approach and for having too much "crunch" versus "flavor" or "fluff." Also, a couple posts from readers of old issues mention that they find articles from those issues more useful...
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    We understand that printing OGL content would be helpful for d20 authors and players who like to post campaign info online, but making the content of the magazines open creates more risk than benefits for the magazines. The magazines don't need to print OGL content like a second party d20...
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    [Edit] Nevermind. Keith already answered that concern.
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    The quarterly catalog of Wizards products is just that, once every three issues. Also, it's going to be printed on extra pages added to the magazine. Essentially, it's a freebie. Issue #323, our September issue and the first of the new Dragon issues, will have the first quarterly catalog, so you...
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    Just to echo something Keith said in an earlier post: The letter doesn't describe all of the changes to Dragon. The regular articles that we plan to have in every issue of the new Dragon include plenty of flavor or "fluff." Each issue should have an ecology artilcle describing the culture and...
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    An Open Letter to Dragon and Dungeon Readers

    Press release error Through some calamitous misfortune, an old version of the letter was put out. The Dragon section was supposed to read as follows: Starting with Issue #323, Dragon Magazine opens its pages to a new era of utility and excitement. In addition to its usual complement of...
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    [Dragon-309] Missing Martial Arts Feats

    The feats that are missing were cut from the article. We just missed cutting them from requirements for the martial arts styles. Sorry about the confusion! Matthew Sernett Senior Editor Dragon Magazine
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    Is the Spell Addict from "Plot & Poison" too powerful?

    No precedent necessary, just flavor text. For instance: "When making this Concentration check, a spell addict cannot apply any skill bonus to Concentration checks due to possession of a magic item; the spell addict's direct connection to raw magic prevents more tame dweomers from aiding in...
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    Is the Spell Addict from "Plot & Poison" too powerful?

    That's pretty much what my thinking was when I designed it. I wrote the prestige class with the intention of towing the line, and considering how much interest it sparks among reviewers and readers, I think it does that pretty well. The egg with hammers analogy is very accurate. However, the...
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    Another Dragon #300 thread - kill the tie-ins

    When I got issue #200 as a subscriber, I was amazed. Looking at the magazine coming out of the mailbox, like most readers I was surprised and excited by three things: the magazine's size, the new binding, and the holograph on the cover. What I and most readers didn't understand was how much...