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  1. Aran

    Recruitment- PLANESCAPE: Intrigue. Reopened

    Sorry, I just couldn't get a concept together but I'll be following along.
  2. Aran

    Recruitment- PLANESCAPE: Intrigue. Reopened

    I'm interested. Not sure what I would play just yet. I am only somewhat familiar with Sigil and the factions, where should I go to get the characters level of knowledge you would expect?
  3. Aran

    [VTT] What size screen do you use?

    I'm a player in one game where everyone is remote and I connect my laptop (15" screen) with my 19" monitor and have the main Roll20 map on the monitor with my character sheet and notes on the laptop screen. I am the DM in a second game where it's split between a couple players remote and the...
  4. Aran

    What Fits Into a Two-Hour Adventure?

    Start in media res to save time. The party is far enough into the abandoned temple that they require dark vision or torches, the sounds of the forest outside are gone, the air is cool and humid... when something attacks from the darkness! My first thought is a displacer beast (or two) to get...
  5. Aran

    D&D 5E Tons of monster books out there, but what monsters aren't in 5e?

    I haven't seen the Wemic other than fan write-ups.
  6. Aran

    Old Timey Pronunciation

    This is how I always pronounced it, and my group always looked at me funny. They, on the other hand, always pronounced it THA-ko with a short "a".
  7. Aran

    Crime Scene products

    Can anybody comment on the quality and general usability of Hoghead's Crime Scene series of products? Anybody use these with d20 CoC?
  8. Aran

    D20 Modern Fiction - Agents of PSI

    I've read them. They're not bad. Not great, but not bad. As things progress I'm hoping they will serve as a good flavor of the PSI setting.
  9. Aran

    [Spycraft 2.0] The November Man, anyone?

    Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting and I'm going to check it out. Thanks! I'm always looking for good espionage inspiration :) FYI, I looked them up and this seems to be a fairly complete list of the books: The November Man (1979) Schism (1981) The Shattered Eye (1982) The British...
  10. Aran

    Modern Superheroes by IGM Games

    OK, how does Four Color to Fantasy compare to B&V? I don't have either, but your usages of B&V seem to be my mind-set. I'm not wanting to do Superman or Spider-man, more like Batman or the X-Men movie.
  11. Aran

    The Official Welcome Thread

    Hello! Hi, I've been lurking for a while and decided to register. Don't play D20, though I do have D&D and a few PDF books.