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  1. Puddles

    WotC Wizards D&D Japan releasing cool art.

    Omg, I love this so much!
  2. Puddles

    What's yer favorite genre?

    I like pulpy sword & sorcery style fantasy the most! I would love to play in a weird west campaign one day.
  3. Puddles

    Worlds of Design: Lost in Translation

    One aspect of RPG adaptations that intrigues me is the idea of narrowing the focus to a specific part of the IP rather than using it whole. For example, I really liked the narrow focus of the original Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy RPG where the party made up the retinue of an Inquisitor. It gave...
  4. Puddles

    D&D (2024) Ranger playtest discussion

    I think Favoured Enemy should be renamed something like “Readied Hunter” if this is the rule they are going for. The rule seems neat, it just lacks much association with the rule it is replacing.
  5. Puddles

    D&D (2024) Upcoming One D&D: Unearthed Arcana 'Expert' Classes (Bard, Ranger, Rogue)

    I’m so excited for this one. Really looking forward to seeing the new ranger!
  6. Puddles

    RPG Design - Resolution system

    In that case, another thing you might want to consider is the spread of outcomes from your resolution mechanic and how you want them to scale. For example, the single roll + modifiers might have a crit on the highest natural roll (e.g a “Nat 20”), in this case you have 3 outcomes: failure...
  7. Puddles

    RPG Design - Resolution system

    My thoughts are if the game is a typical adventure RPG with combat, you should focus first on your attack sequence and then derive your general resolution mechanic from that. For example, D&D uses a variation of D20+modifiers vs a target number for both combat and for general resolution. The...
  8. Puddles

    D&D (2024) How Would You Make Inspiration More Used?

    Maybe you could try giving said player inspiration when they do something that isn’t so one note? 😛
  9. Puddles

    D&D (2024) How Would You Make Inspiration More Used?

    Interesting counter points to think on. I do think you are attaching too much to what I meant when I said shaping player’s behaviour. The things I want are very broad and align with ‘for the good of the game’. Stuff like: doing things that are cool, behaving in ways that align with your bond...
  10. Puddles

    D&D (2024) How Would You Make Inspiration More Used?

    After letting it sit with me for a few days, I think I can say I don’t like the introduction of a natural 20 gaining inspiration. I do think it will result in inspiration getting used more, but I think “how do we get inspiration to be used more?” is actually a flawed premise to begin with...
  11. Puddles

    Free League's Alien RPG - My Experience

    Thanks for sharing the experiences you had. I am planning a one-shot for this, but will be using my own agenda cards rather than any premade ones (I bought the hardback, not the starter set). I was planning to make my agendas a split between good agendas, bad agendas and funny agendas, with more...
  12. Puddles

    D&D 5E Discussing Worldbuilding: Why Don't The Mages Take Over The World?

    I think every time a mage tries to take over the world, somewhere, somehow, a plucky band of adventurous types is called together. Their quest: To defeat said mage and restore world order once more.
  13. Puddles

    D&D (2024) All about Ardlings

    Reading through the UA yesterday, I am not really sold on Ardlings. Firstly, I’m not a fan of the name, does anyone know it’s etymology? “Ard” to me makes me think of “hard”, like the Orc ‘Ardboyz of Warhammer. Secondly the spectral wings feel at odds with a lot of the animals (e.g. a Toad)...
  14. Puddles

    D&D 5E Is D&D combat fun?

    Yes, I think combat is a lot of fun in D&D. Now, I have played in campaigns where combat is not fun, so in my campaign I make sure not to make the mistakes I have seen of other DMs. Firsty, in Theatre of Mind (my preferred way to play). Distances are crucially important. Distances are the...
  15. Puddles

    D&D 5E How many encounters per day is YOUR average?

    My main reason for ignoring the encounter recommendations is for pacing of sessions. We play once every 2 weeks for 3-4 hours and a combat encounter usually takes at least an hour to play through. If we were to fight 6-8 encounters in a "day" it would take probably 2 months of real-world time to...
  16. Puddles

    D&D General D&D Combat is fictionless

    First things first, I would suggest you don’t dash the goblin. Instead have it also stand 35.1ft away from the fighter, (perhaps finishing with a little dance to mock the fighter’s cowardice.) As mentioned above, this causes the fiction to change. Now the fighter and the goblin are having a...
  17. Puddles

    D&D 5E Too Many PC Races With Darkvision? (a Poll)

    I would happily get rid of it, or make it a class feature for classes that should have it (rogues). The image of adventurers stepping into a dungeon, torches lighting the way is iconic. In my campaign, the only character without darkvision is the human rogue, and it makes him feel the least...
  18. Puddles

    Advice on a game mechanic

    My initial reaction is the exploding dice is at odds with the scaling of dice. If the strongest fighter has a d20 and the weakest a d4, the stronger fighter is going to have their dice explode 5% or the time vs the 25% of the weakest. Even if the averages mean the weaker fighter will likely not...
  19. Puddles

    Worlds of Design: Stratagems

    Thanks for the article and the link. It is a fascinating resource! For me a stratagem in D&D is when the players making a witty and unconventional decision. To empower that sort of decision making in your games you need to provide tidbits of information about the enemy to spark their...
  20. Puddles

    D&D General D&D's Evolution: Rulings, Rules, and "System Matters"

    Depending on how weird Bob is, you might not have a clue even if you've known him for 20 years. Player 1: Hi Bob. Player 2: Hi Bob. Bob: Are we ready to start the new campaign? Players: Yes. Bob: Good. We start the adventure on a flat expanse made entirely of wax. Player 1: Err, okay, who am...