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    D&D General From the Freelancing Frontline: The Beginning

    Great article by one of the industry's greats. Feeling inspired!
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    RPG Evolution: RPGs Have a Health Problem

    Medicare for all.
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    Starfinder Has anyone converted Aether & Flux?

    Check out the Aethera Campaign Setting. It's for Pathfinder, but would slot in easily enough with Starfinder.
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    Pathfinder 1E Wizkids should take the Pathfinder 1.0 ruleset and publish their own RPG.

    I kind of figured Dreamscarred Press should be the ones to continue the 3.5/PF1 line.
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    Starfinder If Starfinder more compatible with PF1 or PF2?

    I don't know about PF2, but I've used PF1 monsters in Starfinder without any problems. Barely any conversion needed, except to split AC into KAC and EAC (with EAC generally 1 or 2 points higher). There's a few other discrepancies, but it's more-than-likely the players will have no idea you're...
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    Starfinder How Big Does The Galaxy Of Starfinder Feel?

    It does feel kind of small, but I think that's on purpose, so as to allow different groups to add their own space-fantasy slant. For my game, I homebrewed a distant sector on the frontier using tools in Starships & Spacemen and incorporating much of the lore from Dragonstar. We're having a...
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    Starfinder Versimilitude questions for Starfinder (HP and Skills)

    Starfinder can do hard sci fi, but unfortunately it's not built to that out of the box. It feels like D&D with rayguns.
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    Catching Up With Modiphius' Chris Birch: New Games, New Jobs, New Opportunities

    I'm not sold on the 2d20 system, but some of these Star Trek sourcebooks look great for pillaging for other games.
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    Spring's D&D Release Will Be Ship-Themed

    Boats & :):):):):) wins my vote!
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    General Fantasy RPG question regarding game time

    I usually run it as dailies recharge after a long rest, minimum 8 hours of the characters uninterrupted resting.
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    Starfinder Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    It's definitely more crunchy than 5e, slightly less than PF. If running the game, the OP will definitely want the Alien Archive too. All the books are great however. I would rate the books in importance: 1)Core, 2)Alien Archive, 3)Armory, 4)Alien Archive 2, 5)Pact Worlds.
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    Starfinder Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    Starfinder is only slightly less crunchy than Pathfinder, and they add in all the chase and starship rules on top, so you really don't get out of rules overload. However, it's my favorite system right now, mainly because it IS fairly compatible with PF and other d20 systems. If you want a...
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    What Adventures/Adventure Paths Do You Suggest?

    Reavers of Harkenwold is great. I've ran it multiple times, good sandbox low-level adventure.
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    Keep on the Shadowfell vs Reavers of Harkenwold

    I converted Reavers to 5e and my players loved it. Reavers has such a great opening hook (save the farmers from arsonist ruffians) that I've used it (and the very good encounter map) for like 5 different groups and it's always been a hit. The rest of the module is pretty good too.
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    The Expanse RPG by Green Ronan

    The Expanse story grew out of a d20 Future campaign, I believe.
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    So what's the consensus on Castles&Crusaders

    I ran a short campaign (levels 1-6) with it, and it definitely has AD&D feel, but less messy. It's really easy to convert stuff too. I think it does low level stuff really well. I would probably run C&C for a quick one off, or teach some newbies. 5e is generally more involved chargen (using...
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    Starfinder Starfinder vs Aethera: sell me PF in Spaaace!

    I do have D20Modern/D20Future, as well as D20StarWars Revised, and Dragonstar. All are great for kit-bashing (if not decent systems on their own), but I want something a little more modern and compatible with PF Archetype system. @Thomas Bowman, I totally agree that a lot can be done with just...
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    Starfinder Starfinder vs Aethera: sell me PF in Spaaace!

    Aethera has been out for a few years, but I only heard about it recently. Looks pretty cool though. 600 pages for the setting book. Uses the PF rules without the new SF differences. http://www.aetherarpg.com/
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    Starfinder Starfinder vs Aethera: sell me PF in Spaaace!

    No responses.. What's up? No one's looked at Aethera yet? Is there anyone here who's played StarFinder and cares to share their experience?
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    Starfinder Starfinder vs Aethera: sell me PF in Spaaace!

    I want to add some sci fi to my Pathfinder collection, but only want one book. I know very little about either campaign setting, so feel free to elaborate. Just from what I've read online, Aethera looks really awesome fluff-wise with some cool races and one neat class (cleric variant), but a...