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    Advice on finding a game

    Hey guys, I've already posted on the Gamers Seeking Gamers boards here and on Paizo, but I was wondering what other tips you would have for finding a game to play in? I been out of the gaming habit for a few years now, but have been thinking about getting back into a regular game. I'm just...
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    dnd etools- a collection

    Wow - I just checked out iplay4e, and it's VERY impressive. VERY.
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    Looking for a 4E or Pathfinder game in Atlanta, GA

    Hey guys - I'm looking to get back into a regular gaming group. It's been about 5 years since I've played regularly, but I've stayed up to date on all the happenings via ENWorld. As the title states, I'm most interested in a 4E or PFRPG game, but would be open to other systems. Anyone got a...
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    Council of Thieves, Act I - The Bastards of Erebus [DISCUSSION]

    I know you said that you're giving the 8 people who jumped in on this earlier first shot, but I'd be happy to get my name on an alt list in case some people drop out! I Really want to try out the new rules, and am particularly interested in the upcoming council oh thieves AP. I'll subscribe and...
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    Spam alert on the General.

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    Pathfinder 1E I Have the Pathfinder Gazetteer PDF (Paizo)

    It's probably right under my nose - but how do I buy it just as a pdf? I only see the option for a print book.
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    First house rule: Tieflings have small horns

    I know, it's not really a rule but still... I like the idea of a demonesque appearance, but when I picture a Tiefling, I don't picture him with the large brutish horns that you see in the PHB excerpts we've found. I think of Tieflings as cunning, mischievous and sly - not hulking or brutish. I...
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    4e Heroic Souls (FULL/CLOSED - accepting alts)

    I like it. I'm just keeping all of Alexander's info together here. Updating his entry to include the stuff we've agreed upon: Name: Alexander Appearance: Tall, strapping lad, who just turned 20. A muscular 6’3”, with a physique molded by long hours spent plowing in the fields. Typically wears...
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    4e Heroic Souls (FULL/CLOSED - accepting alts)

    Graf – the map was created in MS Paint, which is hardly an ideal program to do that in. I just drew some circle and lines and stuff! I don’t know how much more detailed we’ll be able to get it. I’ve changed the castle so that it sits on a cliff (I hope it looks like that on the map!) Changing...
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    4e Heroic Souls (FULL/CLOSED - accepting alts)

    Thoughts on the town: Here’s what I’ve pieced together so far based on what’s been posted, with some ideas of mine thrown in as well: -There’s going to be 4-6 “neighborhoods” each separated by odd black walls. First question – how large do you envision these neighborhoods to be? -There’s a...
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    4e Heroic Souls (FULL/CLOSED - accepting alts)

    Ooh – this sounds fun. And like a good starting point for 4e for those like me who don’t have a regular gaming group. The character below assumes that there is at least some country side built into the area of “quarantine”, if you will. The reasoning – food. It’s got to grow somewhere nearby if...
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    Pathfinder 1E New to Pathfinder

    So, being intrigued by all the hubbub generated by the Pathfinder RPG announcements recently, I've downloaded the Alpha playtest, and I have to say - it looks really good. The production values are obviously sky high. While I was looking around the Paizo website after downloading the file, it...
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    The Rise of Felskein [Completed]

    Awesome! I'm really enjoying the story. Can't wait to see what happens next. So - does Kendrin continue on as an NPC from here on, or does she exit with the player?
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    What are you reading (Mar '08)?

    A World Without End by Ken Follet. Just finished Pillars of the Earth and thought it was one of the best books I've read in a long time. The sequel is holding it's own right now.
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    Deuce Traveler's Six Nights to Yearsend (Ptolus one-shot)

    I'm going to have to bow out as well. I got a little to excited about the premise and didn't think about the time commitment it would take that I don't have right now. Sorry guys.
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    Deuce Traveler's Six Nights to Yearsend (Ptolus one-shot)

    Out of curiousity, is the Book of Exalted Deeds available as a source? I was flipping through it and saw the Fist of Raziel prc that looks like it goes with the theme I trying to develop. Maybe it could be a Fist of Gaen in Ptolus?
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    Deuce Traveler's Six Nights to Yearsend (Ptolus one-shot)

    Well, I guess I should have seen that! Gaen sounds good - are favored weapons listed in the book? I can't find them there.