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    Uh, no thanks, I'll play this instead.

    When I play with my family, the robber doesn't prevent the hex he is on from producing, which makes the game much more friendly.
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    Combat length

    3 Suggestions that really helped my girlfriend when she started playing: 1) Set aside the dice she doesn't need, and find her matching dice for her primary attack powers, so her d20s and [W] dice would all be one color/pattern, and her other dice would be noticeably different). Alternately...
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    The Great Conjunction II (RPG Design Contest)

    I'll definitely keep those in mind. I think my "how to DM this game" section might end up being half the rules if I have the time to write it. I'd like to make so each character is fully described by their deck of cards, but I'm thinking I might need at least a small character sheet. After the...
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    The Great Conjunction II (RPG Design Contest)

    Here's what I'm thinking: Übermachine (from Übermensch) Players play as sentient constructs seeking to improve themselves, either through exploring the wreckage of civilization/the frontier/etc to salvage parts to replace their own or exploring themselves and their place in the world as...
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    The Great Conjunction II (RPG Design Contest)

    Don't feel sad Wik, I'll join to make up for it! Too bad I've been away from the boards and missed the start of this. Only half the time is left, but last year I did most of the work in the first and last week, so hopefully I can think of something and do it in a similar amount of time (with...
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    "Syndrome" Syndrome: or the Fallacy of "Special"

    I think people are using the word cheating in this thread to include behaviors that they feel ought to be be illegal, or that would be made illegal once their existence came to the attention of the rule-makers (if possible; many people noted the difficulty in enforcing these rules). Edit...
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    "Syndrome" Syndrome: or the Fallacy of "Special"

    I think we are talking past each other; I think we both agree it wouldn't literally be cheating, and I think we both understand what people would mean when they called it cheating.
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    "Syndrome" Syndrome: or the Fallacy of "Special"

    I expect issues like these will eventually derail the Olympics, but maybe someone will come up with good answers and prove me wrong. If I can bend space with my mind, or being in my presence makes all others drop to their knees and worship me (and thus choose not to compete), or if I never...
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    "Syndrome" Syndrome: or the Fallacy of "Special"

    Cadfan, I agree completely. Edit: Celebrim, I think the real problem is that the world of the incredibles would have rules governing the use of super-powers in athletic events (assumable making them illegal, whether or not that is enforceable for reasons you suggest), but the movie didn't want...
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    "Syndrome" Syndrome: or the Fallacy of "Special"

    Is it cheating for a runner to be genetically engineered before their birth to be faster than any human ever has? Is it cheating for a runner to be a cheeta? A cyborg or an android? A space alien? I'm curious what people think. I think Dash is cheating because there is an unwritten rule that...
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    Help calculating will!

    Looks like a typo to me. Your math is correct.
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    Study: Gaming linked to depression.

    I'm glad the article didn't say gaming led to depression; too many news articles assume causality and run with it. There's not enough information to determine if the sample was generalizable in the article. Anyone have access to the study?
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    What feats need to be added to the game?

    Unlike many other striker multiclass feat benefits, you can apply the damage to multiple targets if you have a close or area attack, so I think it's pretty reasonable as a choice to have around.
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    How do you handle Magic Circle in your game?

    It's implied, but never stated that I could find. However, I think the designers explicitly said that was their intent (though I also can't confirm this). In general, its impractical for the rules to cover every eventuality, though personally I wish a little more complexity had gone into the...
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    How do you handle Magic Circle in your game?

    The stat-block in the MM is only for combat; creatures may have non-combat abilities, at your discretion (I vote the Tarrasque pops the magic circle like a bubble and tramples everyone, because he is the ultimate destroyer). I do agree that rituals should scale differently than they do now, though.
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    Holy cow my party is all strikers!! Forked Thread: Holy cow my party has 3 strikers

    Playing with only four characters means less monsters, which will comparitvely hurt the controller.
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    Holy cow my party has 3 strikers in it

    I'm also curious; I'm the wizard in the 18th-level party Tiornys mentioned. Here are some things I have noticed. I haven't played as a non-wizard controller, but unless they are especially different they probably see similar issues. At low levels, wizards' control is mainly expressed in their...
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    Why do you want to include it in your campaign? Your reasoning would help us help you create a Wish spell better tailored to your campaign. If you are giving it out via divine intervention/Aladdin's lamp, I wouldn't add any extra costs (XP, etc.), and I'd just make it a 1 or 3-use artifact...
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    BattleStar Galactica #20:Daybreak (2) Season 4--2009/Finale

    They settled down on Earth intending to interbreed with the natives, but thanks to the Baltar and Caprica Angels, we know that mitochondrial Eve was Hera - which means everyone else's children died off, or that they couldn't interbreed after all. What was the point of the Opera House scene? It...