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  1. Phaezen

    D&D (2024) New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Cover Reveal

    The alternate cover has been revealed on Polygon
  2. Phaezen

    D&D 5E I have the DMG!

    Comes down to shipping costs, books are relatively heavy and airfreight would easily add 20 to 30% more to the cost
  3. Phaezen

    D&D 5E DMG Excerpt: Wonderous Items

    Clearly to make bulk tartar source when the party kills a giant crab.
  4. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Death Domain and Oathbreaker preview

    From the Wizards FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/dungeonsanddragons/photos/a.98724281070.125189.73340321070/10152774106171071/?type=1&permPage=1
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  6. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Humans RAW Can Start With multiple 18's

    Can we get rid of RAW from our vocabulary? When you play in a campaign, you use the ability score generation method agreed on by the group. If the table uses the variant point buy then that is what you use.
  7. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Why play a low-level Fighter when the Barbarian is so much better?

    At low levels the fighter has his fighting style, which is a bonus to hit, ac, damage or protecting allies; second wind and action surge. You missed the weapon master gaining the ability to crit more often as well.
  8. Phaezen

    D&D 5E No Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting in development?

    If only there was a way to get information about the Forgotten Realms http://www.dndclassics.com/browse.php?filters=0_44710_0
  9. Phaezen

    D&D 5E I have something... THE TARRASQUE!

    That spike in server load is me F5ing the news page
  10. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Dwarves: too good as fighters?

    Now all we need is someone to photoshop the proof....
  11. Phaezen

    D&D 5E D&D Website Redesign (And a Tyranny of Dragons Teaser Video)

    Some of the art that stands out Human and Fighter are both non european, some nice variety there. The kobold art is fantastic, and the cleric art... wow...
  12. Phaezen

    D&D 5E A bard walks into a bar

    So, D20Monkey http://www.d20monkey.com/ got the bard preview: Go for the bard preview, stay for the comic.
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  14. Phaezen

    D&D 5E 5th Edition: How to Make My DM Cry

    Something like gauntlets of Ogre Power will most likely require one of your 3 attunement slots. The other 2 will likely be armour and weapon. While this does leave you almost as strong as the fighter who has put everything into his STR stat to get it to 20 he has an open attunement slot for...
  15. Phaezen

    D&D 5E 5th Edition: How to Make My DM Cry

    After 2 editions and 14 years of "But the rules!" I am pretty happy to say "No, not in this game". With the limited time my group has to play at the moment we are all there to have fun, and if your idea of fun is trying to break the rules as hard as possible then you are not a good fit for my...
  16. Phaezen

    D&D 5E "Evil" options limited to the DMG?

    Try to think of it in teirs. Basic - These options are in all games unless the DM says no. PHB - These options are in many games, ask your DM first though DMG - These options are setting/campaign specific, your DM may allow them if they suit the campaign.
  17. Phaezen

    D&D 5E /Ragequit Rants

    They got eastern armour art in my medieval Europe fantasy game /ragequit
  18. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Clarifications by Mike Mearls

    The elite gnome team will be around to update your files shortly.
  19. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Clarifications by Mike Mearls

    So Mike posted the following clarifications on Twitter yesterday, couldn't find them on the forum so I decided to share them. I now strongly believe he has sucked the soul out of 5e and ruined it /Ragequit
  20. Phaezen

    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate Comic from IDW Announcement.

    You can read Skullkickers here: http://comic.skullkickers.com/