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    D&D General So, how much did/do you use psionics?

    We did use them in 1E though only a few characters ever had them (I had one of them). In 2E, we did have one player who ran a Psionicist after that handbook came out. I personally never played one in 2E.
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    D&D General Everything we Know about Vecna in Fifth Edition

    So what are the 5E rules for retrocausality? :)
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    WotC Vecna Eve of Ruin: Everything You Need To Know

    That's quite the Character Dossier.
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    ICv2 Reports Disappointing Year For Hobby Games Channel: TTRPGs Down, D&D Declines 30%

    MSRP is created by setting a retail sales cost a certain percentage above wholesale cost whereby the merchant can make a sustainable profit selling that item. Amazon, however, is an effective monopoly and can (mostly) ignore it. Being a monopoly doesn't mean that no one else is offering what...
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    ICv2 Reports Disappointing Year For Hobby Games Channel: TTRPGs Down, D&D Declines 30%

    I'd also like to point out that this isn't just about WotC or even rpg's; almost every game sector is down (apart from minis). There's a lot going on here that has nothing to do with what Hasbro/WotC are/aren't doing.
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    D&D General Demetrios1453 Plays the Gold Box Games

    Sorry to digress, I have all these games through Steam. How do you access the Gold Box Companion UI?
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    Grading the Rolemaster/Spacemaster System

    I agree. And most of the complexity is front loaded in character creation. Once that's done, I thought it ran pretty smoothly.
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    On Kickstarter There Are More Successful Projects But Creators Earning 30% Less

    The problem with Kickstarter is that it doesn't provide a pledge management service; that's why companies like Backerkit (et. al.) came along in the first place.
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    Ben Riggs Interview on the Death of the Golden Age

    I was born in '71 and we didn't have much in the way of video games at the time. Nowadays though, I think most people are coming from video games because most kids start playing video games before ttrpg's.
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    Any chess players

    I used to play chess regularly, but eventually I admit I got bored with it. In FIDE chess, two decent (or better) players of equal ability play to a draw too often. I do like many of the variants, though. Shogi is my favorite. I've wanted to build a Jetan set for some time but I never seem...
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    Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials [[SPOILERS!!]]

    I thought Moffat did great, when he wasn't in charge. Once he was in charge, even some of the stuff he created (like the Weeping Angels) became increasingly silly IMHO. One thing I think a lot of Who writers have struggled with is when they go into the past, they suddenly get very timid with...
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    Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials [[SPOILERS!!]]

    Unfortunately, the actor who played Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) passed away this past July.
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    D&D General Fighter/Necromancer

    A frighter.
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    Palladium Announces New TMNT Kickstarter

    Yeah, my understanding is that this was a Paramount/Viacom decision. I don't know the specific details, but apparently IDW Comics has some type of exclusivity in relation to PDF's of TMNT material.
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    Palladium Announces New TMNT Kickstarter

    Just so everyone is aware, this is apparently physical product only - there won't be any PDF's.
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    Pathfinder 2E Wizard Changes in Pathfinder 2e Remaster

    I believe that's the entire intention for PF2. I think it was somewhere on the Paizo forums where it was mentioned that, unlike PF1, PF2 assumes you're playing in Golarion. You don't have to, but the design decisions assume you are.
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    D&D General And the Druid Explodes: Understanding the AD&D Design Space's Legacy

    Also, in dual classing, once the "new" class hits the same level as the "old" class, those abilities can be used again without penalty. In the very first Baldur's Gate game, my first character went to level 4 as a Thief and then dual classed to magic-user. I think BG1 just prohibited me from...
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    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate 3 will allow us to explore the whole city of Baldur's Gate Seamlessly

    I pre-ordered the game when early access started as well and I also didn't like what I saw at the time. It wasn't that certain things didn't work or weren't included - that's all expected in an Early Access game. It was their responses (or lack thereof) to certain issues. I had an encounter...
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    I'm beginning to dislike Netflix (re: Archive 81, 1899, Warrior Nun etc cancellations)

    One thing I like (potentially) about shows that go from 20-24 episodes per season is that it allows for a larger ensemble cast. With 8-10 episodes, there's only so much character growth that can happen and only to a small number of characters; there just isn't time for anything else. There's...
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    Dragon Reflections #65

    Agreed. I imagine ownership rights might be bizarre. TSR released a flat-pack Monopoly style box version of both 'Snit's Revenge' and 'The Awful Green Things from Outer Space'. Steve Jackson Games released an updated version of both about 10 years ago in a Munchkin style box. 'King of the...