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  1. Higgs

    Pathfinder 2E Preview of Pathfinder Player Core 2 and New Champion Class

    Pathfinder just keeps getting better with each iteration in my opinion! So glad that each TTRPG I latch onto has brought something unique and cool into the hobby, even if it's not to my personal preference. First WotC creating 3rd edition which really opened it up, then a bold experiment in...
  2. Higgs

    Spelljammer Spelljammer's Astral Dreadnought & Adult Solar Dragon

    That's why I want it, but $250 made me snort so loudly my wife called out to see if I was okay.
  3. Higgs

    RPG Inspiration: Animated Streaming

    Oh man, this was so incredibly good and original. It gave me a lot of inspiration for a nautical campaign I ran a ways back.
  4. Higgs

    Roll20's Latest Usage Report: D&D Steady, Cthulhu Down!

    You pretty much nailed it. Roll20 isn't exactly HOSTILE to PF2, but playing in Foundry is a night and day difference. Also, and I'll only speak for myself on this one, but as very progressive individual I feel much better about playing on Foundry than anything on roll20. In stating this, I'm...
  5. Higgs

    Roll20's Latest Usage Report: D&D Steady, Cthulhu Down!

    My dude, no one (and I mean no one) is under this illusion that PF2 (or, you know....any other fantasy rpg I can think of) is "rivaling 5e in popularity." You are putting a LOT of thoughts and feelings into other people's head with this post, and making some pretty sketchy assumptions all the...
  6. Higgs

    Roll20's Latest Usage Report: D&D Steady, Cthulhu Down!

    Roll20 is not an accurate measure of PF2 vs PF1 overall. I'm not even a little surprised that PF1 is still more popular on roll20
  7. Higgs

    D&D 5E Witchlight Promo Video: Ellywick Tumblestrum

    Unpopular opinion, but honestly? The cringe people feel watching this is identicle to the cringe I get whenever Bob Salvatore's dark elf is even mentioned. It's the same level of "ewwww" to me.
  8. Higgs

    D&D General Benedict Cumberbatch Narrates A Drizzt Short [Updated]

    Are you angry at yourself and feel like you deserve to suffer? :P
  9. Higgs

    D&D Movie/TV Is the D&D TV Show Based On Drizzt?

    Drizzt....I was excited for a show, but now I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  10. Higgs

    News Digest for the Week of October 9

    Honestly, don't bother. I, like many of my peers, read The Crystal Shard and thought it was absolutely amazing. And then I turned 9. It's fine as juvenile fiction, but there are so many absolutely amazing fantasy novels to read that I think you'll be better served taking a pass on this. Just...
  11. Higgs

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    While that's not really the point I was getting at....yeah. Thirty five years ago I don't think it was (in fact I always looked at OA, Maztica, Al-Qadim, etc.. as attempts to be more inclusive, not less) but with our better understanding of how media impacts people I do look at them as...
  12. Higgs

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    That's a relief! Can you explain to me how those two things are similar?
  13. Higgs

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    Are....are you trying to imply that racism isn't a real problem, and just made to be a lot bigger because of irresponsible media coverage? If so....just....wow. -_-
  14. Higgs

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Preview

    You know, I hadn't even really thought about it in this context before, but you are absolutely correct.
  15. Higgs

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Preview

    PF2 is my favourite system by leaps and bounds. When I recently played a PF1 game, it was shocking what a step back it was for me.
  16. Higgs

    EN World Try Out This New Toggle!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My retinas are saved!
  17. Higgs

    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Loki

    Hayreddin, huh? :D
  18. Higgs

    The Original End Goal of Dungeons & Dragons

    If memory serves, that was only the case with druids. There were only a certain number of druids in each circle, and you had to challenge and defeat one of the existing members after a certain level to continue upwards.
  19. Higgs

    Looking for D&D game in Barrie, ON

    Looking to find a group. Any edition of D&D would be fine, although haven't played 4e yet. I'm 32, but am fine with any group that is 18+.