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  1. First Age

    LongCon 2023 - 16th & 16th July

    Longform #ttrpg at The Garrison, Sheffield, July 15/16. Full day or full weekend games in a relaxed atmosphere with great gamers. Garricon Discord is here: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities Register to attend: Register for LongCon 2023 Offer to run a full day or full...
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    AireCon, Harrogate UK, 9-12 March, Lots of RPGs to Play

    This March, #AireConUK in Harrogate has a fully stuffed #ttrpg schedule of games! Get yourself over there and enjoy a few days of great gaming, and shopping and ... Have a gander at this lot! RPGs — AireCon Please share, and maybe see you there. 😃
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    D&D 4E What to do with 4th Edition

    I slightly fantasise that I create a faithful retrocolone of 4e, with some monstermaths spruced up to MM3 standards and cool new artwork throughout. Then I wake up, pick up my 4e books and run the game as is. More than a year on, the game is still running in Nentir Vale, so for me 4e is very...
  4. First Age

    North Star SF TTRG Convention, Sheffield 25th & 26th June

    Book passage for some great SF TTRPG action in June! Details on the website: North Star | Home | A Northern Sector Tabletop SF RPG Gathering Here's the programme so far: Drop me a message if you need any more information, or post here. :)
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  7. First Age

    D&D 4E Revisiting Reavers of Harkenwold

    Yes we are clean through it and out the other side. There were some extensions from me to weave in some other themes and draw out the metaplot I have for the Heroic Tier adventures in the Vale. In particular we undertook an adventure into the heart of Dal Nystiere and uncovered a portal that had...
  8. First Age

    D&D 4E 4e Madness for the holidays!

    I run 4e on Role VTT and we use it for its strengths (Audio Visuals), some light integration, and for images and battlemaps and tokens. I use Masterplan generated HTML printouts for monster stats and a dice roller sheet in Role to share the numbers. It works well enough and brings us altogether...
  9. First Age

    D&D 4E Revisiting Reavers of Harkenwold

    I'm running a 4e campaign set in Nentir Vale right now, we are 25 sessions in. Really enjoyed running RoH and bought and used the Mike Schley maps. The maps were a great backdrop to the VTT action! The maps made it clear that there was more to RoH than published. I created a relationship mind...
  10. First Age

    D&D 4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    I for two. I run variants of Skill Challenges in lots of games, but yeah, I'm up for some good exposition to spruce up my GMing.
  11. First Age

    D&D 4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    All sorted now and with Monster Vault and the guidance I can gauge the numbers. Useful to get this clear before I move into actual play. Exciting. Cheers.
  12. First Age

    D&D 4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    Is there somewhere that gives the workings for MM3 such that they can be applied to 1 & 2? Are they that diffierent?
  13. First Age

    D&D 4E Am I crazy? I've just gotten a hankering to play 4e again...

    I'm going in with 4e soon. Have got the offline character builder up and running and waiting for eBay and the books. I wasn't doing D&D games when this version landed so it is new to me. I started in 81 with AD&D, but moved into other games, only returning to F20 via Dragon Age (levels and HPs)...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Who's with me to share some True20 love?!

    Even better, are you running or playing True20 or Blue Rose 1e? What are you doing with it and how are you finding it? I have the 2008 revised edition, the year that Katy Perry kissed a girl and I completely missed True20. Ah well, better late than never. My thread prefix is close, as True20 is...
  15. First Age

    Pathfinder 2E Regarding the complexity of Pathfinder 2

    For a laugh I could throw up a 'Who's with me on True20' thread and see what happens. :) I contacted Green Ronin asking if they might consider POD for their current titles and they replied to say that they were thinking about it. I think you're right that we aren't going to get any further...
  16. First Age

    Pathfinder 2E Regarding the complexity of Pathfinder 2

    PF2e has seemed fairly smooth to us in play so far, but to be clear we have only progressed to level 5 in our 15 sessions of it. I talk about Pathfinder complexity on my podcast here: I'm also running True20 in Greyhawk at the moment. True20 is a lot of fun. It doesn't have the collosal...
  17. First Age

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2e: Actual Play Experience

    I picked Pathfinder 2e for a few games with the family over Christmas. Basically three players (14, 21, er prime of beauteous life) and a 21 5e player. Long story short, they all took to the game with ease. 2nd level characters, mage, sorcerer, druid, monk. It was my first to e GMing this game...
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    Pathfinder 2E Rate Pathfinder 2E

    Hi, I just wanted to pop back and suggest that you could use and Android emulator for your PC? The one suggest here: is this: BlueStacks - Not Another Android Emulator - 6x Faster Than Any Phone No experience of using it but might be a neat way in to get access to Pathbuilder2? Cheers.
  19. First Age

    Pathfinder 2E Rate Pathfinder 2E

    It runs on my Chromebook, but expect that isn't helping! ;)
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    Pathfinder 2E Rate Pathfinder 2E

    I used Wonderdraft, one of a clutch of nice mapping packages out there. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it is Android only. There may be others out there in addition to Hero Lab.