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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    This arc of influences mirrors my (41 yrs of age) experience of 3rd edition D&D rekindling just how much fun table-top gaming had been when I was younger. In fact, one minor differences is that the infinity engine computer RPGs (Baldur's Gate, Torment, Icewind Dale, Fallout, etc.) kept me...
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    Chinese Government Burns Cthulhu RPG Print Run

    Let's be honest about all of the "isms." This is a totalitarian move over industries with no organized labor. Shame on publishers that are willing to lower overhead and do business where workers have no rights; their are other competitive markets that do. This should be a major lesson to...
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    Where Do They Go For Food?

    Great short piece for world building. Who needs a monster manual for a game world? Lack of access to a biological need can generate real monsters.
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    Is TOMB OF HORRORS the Worst Adventure Of All Time?

    Fair question. It seems for me that ToH places absolute kind of traps (e.g. sphere of annihilation) where bumbling around them instigates creativity or avoidance. As a party and relationship to the game itself, Tomb of horrors offers a dungeon (or series of traps) that will likely take a...
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    Is TOMB OF HORRORS the Worst Adventure Of All Time?

    I enjoyed this piece and the discussion it has generated. I love this module for everything that the piece brought out. For the reason of evolving the GM alone--ToH is very important "module." Regardless of your experience, I hope you have a memory of the Tomb of Horrors. I never beat it...
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    Storm King's Thunder

    5 out of 5 rating for Storm King's Thunder Storm King's Thunder, I have waited some time to write this short review. I wanted to first read the book, but then to see if afterward that SKT would inspire a campaign. For me this is the bottom-line measurement of an adventure/campaign/collection...
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    Out of the Abyss

    4 out of 5 rating for Out of the Abyss Few published adventures compare to the epic scope and captures the desolate and maddening ambience of both the Underdark and demon lords as Out of the Abyss (OotA). Since this product has been out so long I won't offer a complete review, as there are...
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    Minis or Theatre of the Mind? (Survey)

    I voted for miniatures because for a number of years my groups have used miniatures (post 3rd edition). For a few years now, however, more and more encounters have been dealt with through TotM--which is a return to my formative and early gaming experiences. Like many before, I also agree that...
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    Volo’s Guide to Monsters

    5 out of 5 rating for Volo’s Guide to Monsters Volo's Guide to Monsters: After carefully reading a good portion of Chapter 1, Monster Lore; Reading chapter 2, character races; And perusing chapter 3, Bestiary I think this is a great direction in possible future material. The appendices are...