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  1. heptat

    D&D 5E New Monster Manual Cover

    Is this a joke cover while we wait for the real one?
  2. heptat

    Wizards Goes Big with Vecna: Eve of Ruin

    This is great and very much appreciated. However, I for one do not have the time to be building adventures. It's a struggle to even prepare one. So when I fork out the $ to wizards for a published adventure, my expectations are that it will be runnable and half decent. This Vecna adventure...
  3. heptat

    WotC Vecna Eve of Ruin: Everything You Need To Know

    The greatest of all Doctors.
  4. heptat

    WotC Vecna Eve of Ruin: Everything You Need To Know

    Just to confirm, you're saying HotDQ is a good linear adventure (guess I'm checking for sarcasm...)?
  5. heptat

    Edge Studios Announces Details for Arkham Horror RPG

    Who are Edge Studios??
  6. heptat

    ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged: Talking With Daniel D. Fox (World of Game Design)

    I spent $ on ZH and MG (and I didn't have the slightest problem with how the rules were developed), but time wounds all heels, as they way, and there's no way I'd give another cent to the author.
  7. heptat

    D&D Beyond Cancellations Changed WotCs Plans

    They care about money.
  8. heptat

    D&D Beyond Cancellations Changed WotCs Plans

    I'll lose content, but since I'm in the nexus of don't like what Hasbro have done/aren't playing 5e/aren't going to play 5e I'm happy with the decision.
  9. heptat

    D&D Beyond Cancellations Changed WotCs Plans

    And I think many people will be in that same position. I've requested my DDB account to be deleted because I literally never use it (and have come to the conclusion that 5e is not for me). (Also I'm happy for the request to be another drop of pressure on Hasbro but ¯\(ツ)/¯.)
  10. heptat

    D&D Beyond Cancellations Changed WotCs Plans

    So how many people are cancelling their DDB subscription vs. completely deleting their account (whether or not they actually have a subscription)?
  11. heptat

    D&D Movie/TV Check Out The D&D Movie's Cast -- In Costume!

    Hugh Grant has let himself go. I concur.
  12. heptat

    D&D 5E The Most Popular D&D Classes & Subclasses

    These stats confirm that we should go back to the original three classes.
  13. heptat

    The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny Interview with Phil Reed (CEO Steve Jackson Games)

    Didn't ask him anything about their support for Bill Webb? Curious...
  14. heptat

    Here's How WFRP4 Will Handle Fate and Fortune, Resilience and Resolve

    If possible, please ignore me too.
  15. heptat

    Preview WFRP4's Career List! Plus The Apothecary!

    Do we know how exactly the Brass->Silver->Gold path works? Anyway, this looks pretty cool!
  16. heptat

    Explore Mythic Worlds With The Mythras Role-Playing Game

    And we're still waiting for this old-is-new-again version of RQ. I concur—it's a great d100 system. It's not light, but it is damn good.
  17. heptat

    "Red Box" Developer Frank Mentzer To Produce Empyrea Setting For D&D

    That JG kickstarter campaign is exactly the sort of thing I would've backed...glad I somehow missed that one :erm: This Red Box KS campaign is on my radar now, so will definitely get my money...
  18. heptat

    Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG

    I suggest it might be a good fit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm not sure a new edition is required—4th edition is pretty good. But now that FFG own the rights, it seems quite possible they'd would work on a new RPG for L5R...and Genesys is their new (and only) RPG system... But what would I know? :)
  19. heptat

    Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG

    Might a good system for a new L5R rpg...