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  1. meomwt

    Which official 5E adventures have you played through?

    I'm running Lost Mine of Phandelver for the Junior meomwts (and Mrs meomwt) at the moment. It's a great set of adventures suitable and adaptable for a new audience (they are 11 and 12). Assuming I can kitbash it in time, I'll segue into Princes of the Apocalypse (which reminds me - I really...
  2. meomwt

    D&D 5E Dungeon Difficulty: post your dungeon stats

    Were your players not royally teed-off that the BBEG kept getting up and transforming into a new form once he'd been defeated?
  3. meomwt

    D&D 5E Thoughts on New Campaign for New Group for Returning DM

    The other possibility might be converting one of the "classics" - many of them use foes found in the 5th Edition Monster Manual, which can be easily dropped in. I'm running Temple of Elemental Evil right now, re-writing it to put in new monsters, difficulty checks, revised treasure and the...
  4. meomwt

    D&D 5E Dungeon Difficulty: post your dungeon stats

    Earlier this week, the party (Great Old One Bladelock, Cleric (custom-made Diplomacy Domain), Blademaster, Assassin and Moon Circle Druid) cleared out another little sequence of rooms in the Temple of Elemental Evil. They saw off: Wave 1 - 4 Gnolls (CR 1/2) and a Gnoll Warlock (CR2) Wave 2 -...
  5. meomwt

    D&D 5E I'm *GASP* Actually Going to Be Playing 5e in a Few Weeks -- What are the Character Creation Pitfalls to Avoid?

    If you aen't careful, you can make choices which become redundant, so plan your character out in advance. In my campaign, the guy playing the Human Warlock picked the Martial Weapons Feat at First Level (it fitted in with his Bounty Hunter background, so he said!). Later, he took the Pact of...
  6. meomwt

    D&D 5E Dungeon Difficulty: post your dungeon stats

    Temple of Elemental Evil plus some side quests beforehand. Again, I'll be b*gg*r*d if I'm listing all the monsters in there, but over the last few sessions, they have encountered: 1 off CR1 Snake (dealt with by the Druid doing Animal Handling on it, so it now won't attack) 10 off CR 1/2...
  7. meomwt

    D&D 5E How are you doing the classic settings

    For my current Temple of Elemental Evil campaign set in Greyhawk, I said that Tieflings were not allowed (not native to the setting), and Dragonborn would be aesthetically more like Half-Dragons (people with traits akin to their heritage) than a full-blown race. Assuming you can match deities...
  8. meomwt

    D&D 4E Any notable 4E adventures worth converting to 5E?

    The Keep on the Shadowfell as written has its problems, but if you include some or all of the suggestions from The Alexandrian's website, it should make it more of a true RP-experience.
  9. meomwt

    D&D 5E Why (and when) did "Adventure Paths" replace modules?

    When 3e was released, WotC put out a line of linked adventures (starting with The Sunless Citadel) which they called an "adventure path." Paizo then appropriated the name for Dungeon magazine. I played (as a player, not DM) in a couple of those adventures, and the links between them were...
  10. meomwt

    D&D 5E DM's Guild: The Advice You Didn't Ask For

    I'm behind this statement all the way. I see professionally produced reports and documents for work and cringe at the bad spelling and typos. Why should I pay for them in a D&D adventure?
  11. meomwt

    D&D 5E ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator

    That looks pretty good to me (and is reminiscent of the old 3.5E Hero Forge sheet), but I'm worried it might be a bit cramped on an A4 page. If you could ensure that it would print acceptably on an A3 sheet, I'd be on board. Mrs meomwt (whose sight is not 100%) has difficulties with masses of...
  12. meomwt

    D&D 5E The Classic Dungeon

    Prisoners begging to be freed from their chains, who turn out to be flesh-eating cannibals, eager to feast on Adventurer. A huge pile of "gemstones" which are actually coloured glass.
  13. meomwt

    D&D 5E So which adventures/campaigns have you played so far?

    We started last February and manage (tops) 3 hours per session, so we are very slow. The PC's are at Level 5 in all that time. I ran the first "Goblin Arrows" encounter from the Starter Set, then ran the party into "The Village of Hommlet" and from then into Nulb (trying to set them into the...
  14. meomwt

    D&D 5E ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator

    I'd just like to wish ForgedAnvil a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. His spreadsheet is a thing of wonder and we are luck to have it. Enjoy the Festive Season, you've earned it!
  15. meomwt

    Microlite5E - A slim hack of fifth edition that's backwards compatible (Jan 2016: now with 2-page class sheets)

    I took the monster creation rules from this document for a spin last night. I chucked 4-off CR1 undead wyvern broodlings (undead) plus their undead wyvern mother (CR5) at the party of 4 (all 4th level). The broodlings came out first, Mummy a round or two later. The fight was quite tough: Mummy...
  16. meomwt

    D&D 5E 1001 Christmas Trinkets

    42 - A book of hymns for an appropriate nativity of an appropriate deity. 43 - A fruited pudding (preferably round) with a sprig of holly atop it. On a command word, the pudding is wreathed in flames. 44 - A menu for a festive feast. 45 - A playbill for the local theatre, showing which acts...
  17. meomwt

    D&D 5E What are your most well used Products?

    The sourcebooks out of the From the Ashes box set (which effectively rebooted the Greyhawk product line in the '90's) have been my go-to books for world, geography and deity information. Their supplements (The Marklands and Iuz the Evil) have seen use, though lesser than those in the box set...
  18. meomwt

    Adding Flavor by Using Templates to Increase or Decrease the CR of 5e Monsters

    Because I'm lazy, I've built a spreadhseet for this. Actually, I've tacked it on to the one I made for quick-n-dirty Microlite 5E style monsters, and added a couple of sheets so that I can put in actual Monster Manual stats and Template them using the "CR Formulas" section above. I'll see what...
  19. meomwt

    D&D 5E Arcane Rules- What is your favorite "hidden" rule in 5e?

    Or, indeed, behind the illusion of a bush that has grown suddenly from the cracks in the floor of a cell...