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    What are you reading in 2024?

    I've recently finished City of God (E. L. Doctorow) and Fatal Purity: Robespierre, both of which I enjoyed a lot, though the City of God reminded me a lot of DeLillo and came out at similar time to Underworld, so kind of suffered by comparison. Also read the Shadowdark rulebook, finally. Had...
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    D&D (2024) New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Alternate Art Cover Reveal

    Makes me think of Charles Vess's illustrations for Wizard of Earthsea. Love it.
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    D&D General B3 Palace of the Silver Princess, and why (I think) it's great

    Well this is inspiring! I've not had a lot of motivation for GMing at the moment, but Shadowdark and this module really sparks my interest.
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    Pendragon 6E Gets An April Release Date!

    I get the logistical issues of two books, but it seems strange to release the players handbook without a release date for the GM guide. Do you need the GM guide to run a game? Or, at the least, if you want to start and build a long term campaign, is the GM guide required?
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    What are you reading in 2024?

    I've had a good start to the year so far. Finished off my (mostly) annual re-read of LotRs, the Silmarillion, and Children of Hurin. Also been plugging away at the new translation of the Iliad - it's sensational, and best read at least partly aloud. I've also finally picked up The Blade Itself...
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    The Final Open RPG Creator (ORC) License Is Here!

    Those two things seem contradictory. The first says share alike means you can’t reserve it, the second suggests you can choose not to share content building on the SRD. I was fairly sure you can choose what of your original work you keep under CC and what you don’t.