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    D&D General Why would someone that's the heir of both A Very Minor Duke and A Minor Baroness become A Adventurer?

    The thing is that you lose a lot of the conflict or motivations which drive scenarios set in that era, especially romantic ones. Consider Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. What drives Mrs. Bennett in her match-making zeal for her daughters? The fact that her daughters cannot inherit, and her...
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    D&D General Why was 3.5 needed?

    In my opinion, 3.5 was an experiment to see if WotC could upgrade some of the rules in place without "forcing" all the players to buy new books and invalidating the old books. Sort of like what Magic: the Gathering does. Magic has upgraded and changed its rules several times in its history...
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    D&D General If A King whose wife died younger later remarries could 1 of his 2 children from his 1st marriage inherit some of his 2nd wives lands

    Marriages at that level are very often "negotiated" rather than simple law. It's closer to a merger of two corporations, rather than just a wedding. The second wife's family will have negotiated exactly what will happen with the bride's lands. It's possible that some lands will get added to the...
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    TTRPGs: broken mechanics vs. abusive players

    One thing is that a lot of these combinations or scenarios are actually really cool the first time it happens. But these are repeatable games, and it is far less fun the 10th time it is done. It does feel like the game is made less interesting when we go around systematically eliminating the...
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    D&D General 6 Ability Scores but 4 Classic Classes?

    Strength: Warrior Dexterity: Rogue Constitution: Soldier Intelligence: Mage Wisdom: Priest Charisma: Chosen I like Minigiant's Chosen, so I will steal it. I will split Fighter into Warrior and Soldier. Warrior is more of an individual fighter, one-on-one, wilder fighter. Barbarians would...
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    D&D General So how about alignment, eh?

    I like alignment that's like Good, Mortal, Evil. I like games with supernatural Good/Evil, and when that's actually reflected in mechanics like circles of protection or paladin sensing/smiting evil. Maybe even add supernatural Order and Chaos to the mix. I like the 3x3 for rough guidelines of...
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    D&D General D&D without resource management

    I am a little confused about what exactly people mean by resource management. Several people have given examples of what I would consider resource-management, only within an encounter, rather than over multiple encounters. To me, no resource management means you can attempt to cast your...
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    D&D General AI ranks D&D editions

    Another forum I read is playing around with ChatGPT, the newest text-generation AI. One of the posters asked it to rank D&D editions, and I thought this forum would be interested in the results. Prompt: Write a top five list of the best editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Include common...
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    D&D 5E How do you define “mother may I” in relation to D&D 5E?

    About the term "Mother May I" I think it's a little pejorative, but it's also a really good descriptor. Pretty much everyone grasps the point immediately. It would be nice if there was a less pejorative descriptor, but I don't think anyone has given a good one. I think one of the problems with...
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    D&D 5E Context Switching Paralysis, or Why we Will Always Have the Thief Debate

    I think the phrase "awesomeness aversion" is biased, and putting a thumb on the scale. No one wants to be averse to awesome. But I kind of think that all you "awesome-friendly" DMs would still just say No if the fighter asked to do a kamehameha (iconic energy blast attack from Dragon Ball) out...
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    D&D 5E How do you define “mother may I” in relation to D&D 5E?

    I wonder what the game would look like if we added more "Mother, May I" elements to spell-casting. For example, if Knock had the following restriction: "Gnomish locksmiths have a secret method of making locks which makes them resilient to magic. A lock made by a Gnome cannot be opened with Knock."
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    D&D 5E With Fizban's and now Bigby's, what other groups do you think we'll see with their own books?

    Lilliana is the type of hero who looks like a villain, but she's clearly on the good guys side at this point. I think she would be a great named character for the Undead book.
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    D&D 5E How do you define “mother may I” in relation to D&D 5E?

    I think this is a very good example, because it illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Since @payn has gone over the strengths of (2), let's go over the weaknesses. (2) implies that attractiveness is universal. That someone who is unusually attractive is attractive across...
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Brings New Options to D&D

    In the War of the Lance,wasn't Lord Soth working for the Blue Dragonlord? Maybe she put him in command of the army involved in this particular section of Solamnia.
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    D&D (2024) The Focus Fire Problem

    I think you could do it with a rule like: "Every time a creature is attacked by an enemy, affected by an enemy spell, or forced to make a saving throw from enemy, she gains 5 points of damage reduction for future attacks. These points stack, but expire when it is the creature's turn to act."...
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    D&D (2024) The Focus Fire Problem

    How does this mechanic affect Focus Fire, though? I agree it speeds up the fight, and makes the later rounds more deadly. But it still looks optimal to focus on one target at a time. Maybe even encourage you to focus lower AC first, because the bonus makes hitting higher AC more likely.
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    D&D (2024) The Focus Fire Problem

    Traditionally, the answer to this is to focus fire the target with the worst defense, while cleaving incidental damage onto anyone nearby. It won't give the desired results.
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    D&D 5E Are ranged attacks too good in 5e?

    2E rate of fire depended on the weapon. Bows were 2 arrows per round, while crossbows were every other round (fire, reload, fire).
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    D&D General Poll: As a player, I am always justified in pursuing every advantage I find, no matter what.

    Is the player justified in using every feat, class, spell and logical combination thereof in the PHB? I think 99% of this board would say Yes. Is the player justified in threatening the DM's dog to get an advantage? I think 99% of this board would say No.
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    D&D 5E The Monetization of D&D and other Role Playing Games

    Who your customers are informs your strategy. A WOTC which makes the bulk of it's revenue from PHBs will have a very different strategy than a WOTC which makes $10k DM screens. I believe that there's a sort of assumption in your post that a company can easily serve two masters. I am not sure...