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    "My Character Would Know That"

    When the enemy reached 50% casualties I rolled morale. They broke. At that juncture, the player had lost 25% of his men. He could have lost more men but made good tactical decisions on the field. Hence the use of 'only'.
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    "My Character Would Know That"

    I told him you leave at the crack of dawn hoping the arrive before the enemy and choose the better position. We went with that. He won the battle and lost only 25% of his men before the morale of the enemy broke. His character was the first son of the King. The player is an avid war historian...
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    "My Character Would Know That"

    It's very annoying. Seems like he is trying to meta-game because he thinks it's a gotcha moment when there is none. I only needed a simple answer to move the story forward.
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    "My Character Would Know That"

    A few years ago I asked a player at what time his dwarven captain wants to leave the garrison and march towards the battlefield with his troops. Answer: 'At the time my character knows best.' I wanted a stated hour so I could start counting enemy troop movements to determine how things would...
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    Where to share homebrew world and TTRPG?

    I tried forums and blogs in the past for one of my settings. It's sub-optimal. I friend of mine created a website for his d20 Superheroic game (3.5 SRD). It's a good solution because you keep the control, and create the sections and sub-sections you need when you need them. You can update it...
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    D&D (2024) Players Handbook 2024 Art and Design video from WotC

    The PHB looks great! [Quickly takes out his black book from the drawer and looks at the list of why he no longer plays D&D 5e. Wisdom save roll, success.]
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    D&D (2024) Players Handbook 2024 Art and Design video from WotC

    + Original D&D Holmes Basic D&D
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    Spoilers Star Wars: The Acolyte [Spoilers]

    With shows like NCIS, you grow attached to the characters themselves and the weekly crime takes the back seat. When Gibbs left for Alaska, I stopped watching. His arc story came to a satisfactory conclusion for me.
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    D&D General Shocked how hard it is to get new players now-a-days

    I confirm the method works. I did the same to promote a new wargame, I wanted to play. Being there every week doing demos led to the formation of a solid core group of players.
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    D&D General Shocked how hard it is to get new players now-a-days

    One of my best groups was met via a wargamer who also played RPG. I got invited to play with them. I guess I passed some kind of test I was unaware of.
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    D&D General Shocked how hard it is to get new players now-a-days

    Finding players to play at a location has always been hard for me, beyond my first group in high school. Groups made with random people from stores or message boards never worked for very long. No chemistry. On the other hand, groups which I joined, as a player first and then became one of the...
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    D&D General Religion in D&D: Your Take

    My take as a GM has always been Order vs Chaos. 95% of cleric players I have met never defined or asked me to define their god and religion beyond what special abilities their Domains would give them. I developed a religion, once, for a campaign which included a Paladin and a Cleric who...
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    2024 ENNIE Nominations

    With the rise in solo RPG games would it be possible to add that category in 2025?
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    Spoilers Doctor Who 2024 (spoilers)

    I guess we could do that. Maybe even give Tenant a second chance. One thing I hate about Dr Who is the running around in corridors, staircases and tunnels, Scooby-doo style. Prevents me from binging the show.
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    Spoilers Doctor Who 2024 (spoilers)

    My wife and I tried to explain the episode to each other and failed.
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    Spoilers Doctor Who 2024 (spoilers)

    73 Yards cool concept with unexplained bits. Loved the mocking owner and patrons of the pub. I will add them to one of my RPG sessions. Bubble was fun and scary, in a Black Mirror kind of way. The Doctor's frustration was palpable. Pepper's Not One of Us expression at the end. Perfect. Rogue...
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    The Knave And The Bold

    Watched a video about it on YouTube. A bit too thin on the rules for me. As for the lists, you can find similar lists in The Book of Random Tables: Fantasy Role-Playing Game Aids for Game Masters.
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    Dragonbane Offers A Box Full Of Classic Fantasy

    Good question. You'd have to rebalance the encounters to match the number of Special Abilities the DB characters have gained VS levels. No idea how to do that. Even then, low health points would be problematic. You could do it with the 'ship Theseus' concept. Characters die but the story moves...
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    Trailer Captain America: Brave New World | Official Teaser

    I usually wait for the digital rental version. If the reviews and the audience score both agree it's a great movie, I could be tempted to go to the theatre.
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    Do any other old school gamers hate the term grognard?

    Depends. I'm 59 and play many new RPGs every year. I don't feel it's about me when I see the term Grognard.