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  1. dagent145

    Gamer LFG in SE Virginia (Richmond/HR)

    Bumping as I still need some more brave souls :)
  2. dagent145

    Gamer LFG in SE Virginia (Richmond/HR)

    I'm a somewhat veteran gamer looking for a regular game Southeastern VA. I live in Williamsburg but am willing to make a trip up to Richmond or down to Norfolk/Portsmouth/VA Beach for the right group. Also, though it wouldn't be immeidate, I would also be willing to GM as I'm working on a game...
  3. dagent145

    Pathfinder 1E [MapTool] Pathfinder Kingmaker Sunday 7-10 p.m. Mountain time

    Hrmmm...been looking for a KM game to be honest :). If you still need another, shoot me a PM/EMail. I'll look over the site more when I get home and put together a concept then.
  4. dagent145

    Pathfinder 1E Recruiting for an online Pathfinder campaign

    If you still need one, shoot me a PM or even better an E-mail.
  5. dagent145

    Online D&D 3.5 group seeking players... (virtual tabletop)

    I'm interested and will try and get Second Life working for me properly and drop the DM a line. My Second Life Name is Winthrop Carter.
  6. dagent145

    Looking for Games in Richmond/Hampton Roads

    I've heard not good things about the games there. Might go there though
  7. dagent145

    Looking for Games in Richmond/Hampton Roads

    I'm in Williamsburg and am looking for a moderately sized game in either the Richmond area or Hampton Roads. Email me at
  8. dagent145

    DnD 3.5 FRCS "Legacy"

    I'll try and drop in tonight if I can. Sounds interesting :)
  9. dagent145

    Skype RPG in L.A.

    Very interesting idea. I'd be willing to try it out if the timing was right. As for Screen Monkey, well, an IRC game I was in used it for awhile, but we ended up retiring it for MapTool (see ). Its still under development mind you, but so far it seems...
  10. dagent145

    Looking for a Game in Richmond/Hampton Roads

    Hey, if there's anyone here looking for a rather expereinced gamer in southern VA, let me know. I'm open to many different game types/systems. I have fairly extensive expereince with a number of d20 settings (D&D, Star Wars, WARS, etc.) as well as others (CODA, White Wolf, Shilloette). I'll try...