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    DDAL Guide: Customizing Starting Gear in AL

    Does this rule about GP earned from selling starting equipment only apply to rebuilt characters, or does it also apply to brand new characters?
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    Caster feats

    I'd like to see feats for magic item construction/crafting and enchanting. Stuff along the lines of making scroll and potion crafting easier, enabling permanent or semi-permanent enchanting of arms and armor, things of that nature.
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    Was Gandalf Just A 5th Level Magic User?

    Since Gandalf was a Maiar, I've often seen him statted as an Outsider with a few levels Fighter; spells are more racial abilities.
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    D&D 5E The Blade Lock- A Mini Guide.

    Why not consider a 2 level start as Paladin, then move into Bladelock? Delaying the Blade until 5th character level may be a slowdown, but since Warlock spells can power Paladin Smite, that enables a pool of additional damage d8's that recharges fully on short rests (especially nice since...
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    D&D 5E Build my concept; AL legal Bladelock Sith (Inspired by DW's Warlock thread and responses)

    Apologies; went straight for the 5e section as I thought this was like other forums, without a dedicated character building forum. Is there an easy way to move this there, or do I need to message a Mod? I don't want to duplicate the thread, as that seems a worse faux pas. This is fantastic...
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    Sell me on the Warlock

    OP wants a 9th level Warlock that doesn't rely on EB? Here's a 9th level Warlock that doesn't rely on EB. I honestly love the warlock for more than just crunch; it's a class designed to give the DM hooks. A Pal2/lockX? Started out wanting to be a hero; instead of taking the Oath at third...
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    D&D 5E Is the rapier "necessary"?

    This has been a thought of mine ever since I discovered his channel, but I can't imagine the amount of work involved in adjusting the rules to match. Back to the topic at hand; there was a thread on another form ages ago regarding the math of 5e weapon stats.... Found it! Shame it died so...
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    D&D 5E Build my concept; AL legal Bladelock Sith (Inspired by DW's Warlock thread and responses)

    Inspired by Darkwing's "Sell me on the Warlock" thread, and the fantastic responses therein, I have a request. Adventure League legal, no-multiclassing, Pact of the Blade Warlock built to be a Sith. My thoughts: While Armor of Shadows may fit thematically, it's not worth giving up a better...
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    Professor Build Concept

    Which do you folks think makes a better Marcus Brody? I'm aiming for all INT skills (though Nature isn't a must), Perception and Persuasion would be nice to have as well. Knowlege Cleric: Proficiency in 4 skills, with Expertise in 2, and 2 bonus language proficiencies. Can use Channel Divinity...
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    AL; Normal experience?

    That makes a lot more sense. Not being familiar with AL play, I'm still getting a feel for the different TYPES of modules, episodes, arcs, etc. When it comes to rebuilding the character; Player Guide says anything except what goes on logsheet can change, but DM said can' change equipment. Am I...
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    AL; Normal experience?

    I've gotten involved with a AL game at my FLGS that feels a bit less...structured than I expected. Being my first actual 5e play, I have nothing to compare it against, so I seek input from ya'll fine folks. For example, no details on downtime at the end of the session, starting sessions with a...